Yonkou Luffy’s New Alliance, Katakuri Revenge Or Join?

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2023)

When Luffy became a Yonkou, many One Piece fans questioned the Straw Hat pirates’ allies.

There is even a One Piece theory which states that there are many pirate groups and also several other groups that will become allies or join Luffy’s alliance.

Reported by the Kendajaya Team from the Crown Child YouTube channel. The seven captains who are members of the Straw Hat Pirate Grand Fleet will definitely also join Luffy’s alliance.

Where they promised to help each other when they were in trouble with Luffy.

Other pirate groups will also be an alliance of Luffy such as the Heart pirates and captain Kid.

Where they are a group of pirates who have met and together with Luffy brought down Big Mom and Kaido.

Another alliance that will join the Straw Hat Pirates is Vegapunk, Germa 66, the Sandian Tribe that Luffy helped free from Enel.

The Mink tribe who together with Luffy brought down Kaido’s power in Wano and all the fish people who survived from Hoodie John’s attack with Luffy’s help.

Besides that, several people who will also join Luffy’s alliance after he is officially appointed as a Yonkou are Rayleigh.

This is because Rayleigh believes that Luffy is Joyboy who will be the savior in One Piece.

Boa Hancock who has fallen in love with Luffy from the start and also Kaido and King who have the same beliefs as Rayleigh about Luffy.

Not only people who have worked with Luffy, other groups that will become Luffy’s alliance are also the Big Mom pirates.

Where almost all members of the Big Mom pirates hate Luffy because he has caused chaos in Big Mom’s territory during the Whole Cake Island arc.

However, Katakuri respects Luffy ever since he was defeated.

That way there is a high possibility that Big Mom’s pirate crew will become Luffy’s alliance one day.***

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