With Our Powers Together Trophy / Achievement Guide for Minecraft

In addition to the addition of adorable frogs, several new developments were added to Minecraft. This guide helps players obtain the trophy / With Our Powers Combined.

Mojang deserves praise for its dedication to Minecraft. Updates have gradually added and refined new biomes, new creatures, and new features for players to enjoy in the game that doubles as a creative tool.

Alongside the updates and enhancements to the gameplay, four obscure new trophies/achievements have been added for players to unlock. This guide will assist players in unlocking the ‘With Our Powers Combined’ trophy / achievement, which requires them to have all three ‘frog light’ variations in their inventory at the same time.

How To Acquire A Frog

How To Get A Frog

Frogs are an adorable addition to Minecraft’s animal collection, but their behavior is surprisingly complex; even obtaining a frog of the desired color can be challenging. Frogs will only spawn in swamp and mangrove swamp biomes in the wild. Players can use a lead to bring frogs back to their base, but it may be more efficient to breed them and then steal their offspring. Specifically, players must:

  • Locate two frogs – Feed each one a slimeball – Follow the frogs to a water source – Wait for the frogspawn to hatch – it cannot be collected, not even with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Use a bucket to collect the spawning tadpoles.

Once the tadpoles are safely stored in the player’s bucket, they can move on to phase two of the plan, which involves the creation of specific frogs. To generate frogs of a particular hue, players must:


  • Locate a ‘warm’ biome (Jungles, Deserts, Swamps, Warm Oceans, etc.) – Place the tadpole in the biome’s water – Either wait for it to transform into a frog or feed it slimeballs until it does.

Find a ‘cold’ biome for green frogs (Mountains, Snowy Taiga, Cold Oceans, etc.)

  • Place the tadpole in the biome’s water (while ensuring that it does not freeze).
  • Either wait for it to transform into a frog or feed it several slimeballs until it does.

Find a ‘temperate’ biome for orange frogs (Forests, Swamps, Plains, Hills, etc.)

  • Put the tadpole in the biome’s water; either wait for it to transform into a frog or feed it slimeballs until it does.

How To Acquire ?

Each of the three ‘frog lights’ in the game corresponds to one of the three frog hues. To obtain the three froglights, players must force each type of frog to consume the Nether’s magma cubes in their smallest form. The following techniques are suggested:

  • Placing a frog in a boat and navigating it slowly through the Underworld.
  • Placing a frog on a leash and dragging it through the Nether – Pushing a magma cube through a portal where a frog is waiting – Constructing a small room full of frogs in the Nether and luring magma cubes to it

In addition, players must avoid letting the froglight fall into any lava. When the player has one of each froglight in their inventory, the trophy / achievement ‘With Our Powers Combined’ will become available.

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