With a big update to arthropods, Minecraft’s biomes could thrive.

The arthropod category in Minecraft needs more support, and adding new ones to a variety of biomes would be a fantastic way to improve two things.

There are numerous types of creatures in Minecraft, but are perhaps the most peculiar. The undead, such as zombies and skeletons, come in a variety of forms but share many characteristics as a family of hostile mobs; the same is true of pillagers. However, arthropods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Spiders are the most , but the category also includes neutral, beneficial bees and the seldom-seen endermite. Minecraft’s arthropod category has existed for many years, but there is still ample room for expansion, particularly if Mojang expands the list in tandem with biome updates.

In recent years, Mojang has promised updates for a number of Minecraft biomes, and in some cases it has delivered, such as the changes to swamps and the addition of an underground biome in the Deep Dark Update. While many of these past and future biome reworks include new mobs, Mojang has not focused on arthropods. There are numerous biomes in Minecraft that could benefit from unique, climate-specific insect mobs. Instead of emphasizing more monsters and other animals, Minecraft should add more insects, arachnids, and crustaceans for variety.

The Potential Future of Minecraft Insects

The Potential Future of Minecraft Insects

Arthropods are an important category to expand because the majority of existing arthropods in Minecraft are so marginal. Endermites can only spawn with the assistance of an Ender Pearl, which some players may never use, whereas cave spiders and silverfish are generally inaccessible outside of a few specific environments. The vast majority of Minecraft’s animal mobs are either mammals or fish; adding more arthropods to the overworld would make exploration a bit more interesting, as players would no longer encounter the same type of animals so frequently, and it could also create mechanical opportunities.

Several Minecraft biomes lend themselves to the existence of a unique arthropod. A large scorpion mob could be a great replacement for spiders in Minecraft deserts, for example. Similarly, forests and jungles appear to be teeming with insects, just as they are in reality. Bees and spiders are a good start, but additional enhancements could be made to these biomes. Centipedes could add a spooky new element to exploring jungles, while enormous butterflies could help beautify forests, particularly Minecraft’s rare flower forest biome. The oceans of Minecraft are significantly more diverse than they once were, but the addition of crabs and lobsters would be a significant improvement.

There are numerous opportunities in Minecraft to create new arthropods that are useful to the player. For example, new bugs could result in new potion ingredients; it has been a long time since Mojang significantly expanded the Minecraft potion repertoire, so it should consider adding new bug-themed options such as a Potion of Wall Climbing. Additionally, arthropods could make certain items more useful. Worse than useless, rotten flesh can be fed to certain insects, such as flies, to tame them, distract enemies, or even motivate them to find junk items for the player, similar to an allay. Other specialty foods, such as poisonous potatoes or sweet berries, may serve similar functions.

Mojang has not indicated that insects are a top priority, but there may be hope for Minecraft bug enthusiasts. Mojang has considered a variety of insect types in the past, including termites and the cancelled firefly mob for Minecraft. These ideas should hopefully lead to something larger that expands the variety of arthropods available in Minecraft. A new list of crawling creatures could make a number of biomes feel more unique, add new utility, and make the Bane of Arthropods enchantment more effective.

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