Why isn’t One Piece 1054 airing? This is the cause and the release schedule

Why isn’t One Piece 1054 airing? Anime lovers Luffy and friends are certainly a bit disappointed with this news.

It is known that the anime One Piece 1054 has been delayed for two consecutive weeks. This information certainly makes Monkey The Luffy lovers sad and ask questions about the reasons for not showing it.

Even though One Piece shows are routinely aired once a week, to be precise on Sundays at 16.00 WIB via streaming on iQIYI with Indonesian subtitles.

In the following, kendajaya.com has summarized from several sources on Wednesday (8/3/2023) the reasons why One Piece 1054 did not air.

Why isn’t One Piece 1054 airing?
There is a main reason behind the delayed broadcast of the episode that One Piece fans have been waiting for. One of the main reasons for the postponement of One Piece episode 1054 is due to the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2023.

This is the main cause of the One Piece anime being delayed for two consecutive weeks, namely on the 5th and 12th of March 2023.

Showing schedules that have clashed make the Nakama have to be patient. This is because information circulating states that the new anime episode 1054 will be aired in two weeks, Sunday, March 19, 2023 to be precise.

It is known that the continuation of episode 1054 in the anime One Piece is very exciting and tense. This episode also shows a very fierce battle between Killer and Hawkins.

How do you think the story will continue? Watch the full show on Sunday 19 March 2023.

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