Why EXP Share isn’t Going Away After Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

EXP share cannot be disabled in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it is likely that this will be the case in future installments.

Scarlet and Violet Pokemon present aspiring Trainers with new obstacles to overcome and battles to win. Similar to Sword and Shield, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet do not allow players to disable EXP share. As a result, some gamers may find these challenges to be easier than expected. This is a strong indication that this feature is here to stay, for better or worse.

There may be good reasons why developers have made EXP share a permanent feature, despite complaints from gamers that it makes Pokemon games too easy. In addition to encouraging players to rotate their team more, it makes the franchise’s younger target audience more accessible. EXP share is just one of the many features designed to make Scarlet and Violet one of the series’ most accessible entries.

Just Too Many Pokemon Exist

Scarlet and Violet represent an important generation, as it is the generation in which Pokemon number 1000 was finally surpassed. This Pokemon is Gholdengo, a golden Pokémon that evolves from Gimmighoul. There are currently 1008 Pokemon in total, so many that it has been a while since they all appeared in the same region. Despite the shortened that players have grown accustomed to, there are still hundreds of creatures for players to discover with each new generation. Even though many players will devote hundreds of hours to a single save, there never seems to be enough time to give each team member the attention they merit.

This issue is mitigated by EXP share, which allows players to train their remaining Pokemon without bringing them into every battle. It is intended to simplify the process of leveling up and evolving Pokemon for players. As the roster grows, the demand for EXP share will increase, as players will want to give as many Pokemon a chance to join their team as possible. EXP share enables more Pokemon to be sufficiently leveled to be viable team members, or at the very least makes it easier for players to maintain a balanced team.

Pokemon Is Attempting To Be Accessible

The most recent Pokemon games demonstrate that the franchise is aiming to be accessible to newcomers and a younger audience. Scarlet and Violet have more features than ever that make the Pokemon journey simple and convenient, removing much of the monotony and difficulty that characterized previous installments in the series. The elimination of tall grass has removed the randomness associated with searching for Pokemon in bushes. Trainer battles on sight have also been removed, allowing players to choose against whom they wish to test their abilities. Gamers also have access to TM machines, which allow them to create new moves for their Pokemon, and auto-battles, which allow them to gain EXP without much effort.

Consequently, Scarlet and Violet are arguably the most straightforward mainline entries in the franchise’s history. Despite the fact that this has caused some longtime fans to complain, it is important to remember that the series is always seeking to attract new gamers. Although some of Pokemon’s most devoted fans may be older gamers who have been playing for years, the game’s primary audience is still children, who may be more appreciative of the simplified gameplay. However, not every feature of Scarlet and Violet is designed to make things simpler. Some provide greater freedom to players. This is accomplished, for example, by the non-linear gameplay style that allows players to choose which storyline to pursue. It is up to the players to search for the legendary Herba Mystica, battle Team Star, or defeat the gym leaders.

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