Why did Patriots lose from Bengals? 7 Causes of Defeat

In the 2022 season, there are 7 important points that caused the defeat of the that you need to know.

Why did Patriots lose from Bengals?

The Bengals took the lead on Christmas Eve afternoon and were able to hold off a Patriots rally to win 22-18 in Week 16 as New England fell to a 7-8 record for the season. The Pats suffered from a delay in point tally that gave the Bengals a three-point halftime lead as New England suffered a lingering defeat in the dying seconds after losing to the Raiders.

The Patriots were able to get back into the game thanks to a strong defensive system and significant contributions from , Marcus Jones, and Matthew Judon. New England seemed to have been bracing themselves to win and score a lot of goals, but Rhamondre Stevenson suddenly fell short, ending a thrilling comeback attempt.

Mac Jones finished 21 of 33 for 240 yards while fellow Bengal Joe Burrow had 375 yards and three touchdowns, although Burrow also added two interceptions to keep New England’s hopes alive. After a rocky start, the Bengals’ production declined and their errors increased, opening the door for a New England renaissance.

The Bengals cemented themselves as the top team in the AFC and Super Bowl, while the Patriots continued their end-of-season streak with just two games remaining.

Here are the main conclusions from another late defeat.

The Bengal offense survived the shootout

The Patriots defense had no answers for the Bengals’ first two games as Joe Burrow crushed them by two points to give Cincinnati an early lead. Thanks to the loss of an extra point and a two-point conversion effort the Patriots abandoned, the score was 12-0 at the end of the first quarter instead of 14-0. Burrow scored 11 straight goals before kickoff while the Patriots had only six offensive plays in the first quarter.

It was an immediate bad sign as Burrow Tee Higgins smashed 38 yards past Marcus Jones on the Bengals’ second drive. The second goal was the same dart as Cincinnati charged the line and quickly fed receiver Trenton Irwin for an easy goal. The third pass and 17 for 18 yards to Jamarr Chase was the quarterback’s second accurate pass as the Patriots’ battered cornerback group battled for a tie.

Meanwhile, the Patriots offense got off to a cold start early in the game with two three-and-out balls and showed no signs of life. Things got worse when Michael Palardy dropped the kickoff on second down, leaving the Bengals midfield close to their third possession.

At first, it looked like New England was still reeling from their loss in Vegas. They didn’t defend well and couldn’t attack.

Defense stiffened

After falling to the 15–0 hole, the Patriots defense began to make some needed plays, starting with pass defense Ja’Whaun Bentley in the end zone, the first New England caught in the red zone. With that, they kept playing in the Bengals’ final drives, first with kicks by Matthew Judon and Josh Uche and then a treat in a red zone interception by Devin McCourty that stopped Cinci up three.

A penalty against the Patriots defense kept the Bengals’ pre-snap drive alive and added nine yards to Cic as he went nine plays.

With the game in limbo in the first half, the defense had several one-drive plays to stop, but did not survive the final drive before halftime to complete a 12-game, 80-yard scoring drive to grab a drive. 10:00pm at half time.

In the second half, the Patriots defense found its stride again, forcing two errors and breaking the first three possessions in the second half. But with the Patriots offense faltering, they were unable to capitalize on a surefire defensive shutout until well into the second half.

The Patriots offense struggled in the first half

The Patriots offense was 70 yards in the first half, 0-3 in the third and only had 8 possessions: 20 in four general classifications, all of which end in points. Twenty-nine of those yards, nearly half of them, all came on a single hit by Kendrick Bourne as the Patriots’ offense against the Bengals nearly hit rock bottom in the innings, falling short against one of the NFL’s best offenses.

Combine these numbers with the Bengals’ offensive efficiency: 22 points, 7-9 on third down, 303 yards offense and 21 possessions: 26 and it was easy to see how close the game was in the first half.

Marcus Jones scores another TD Rookie Marcus Jones kept things interesting as the Bengals threatened to extend their lead to 22-0 in the third quarter when Burrow threw a foul shot under pressure.

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