Where to find Sinistea and how to make it evolve into Polteageist in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Sinistea is a ghost-type Pokémon found in Pokemon and Violet. Those looking for a unique ghost type should capture it. Here is the location.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are many fantastic dual-type Pokémon for players to choose from, but some trainers may prefer to acquire monotype Pokémon. Those who wish to acquire a pure Ghost-type Pokemon should consider Sinistea, a cute teacup-dwelling entity. This seemingly harmless creature can evolve into Polteageist, a pure Ghost-type with an impressive total of 508 base stats, with the majority of its power concentrated in Special Attack and Special Defense. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, here is where players can find Sinistea and how they can evolve it into Polteageist.

How to Locate Sinistea in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Outside of Alfornada, which is located far to the south-west, is one of the best places to purchase a Sinistea. Unfortunately, in order to reach this area, players must have unlocked the ability to perform high jumps on their Koraidon or Miraidon. This involves completing two of the Pokemon quests given to players near the beginning of the game. Once players have the ability to jump higher, they will be able to traverse the small cave system northwest of Alfornada, gaining access to the city. There, wild Sinistea will roam the grassy areas surrounding the city.

How Sinistea Evolved Into Polteageist

To evolve a Sinistea into a Polteageist, players will need a special item after obtaining a Sinistea. Players must obtain either a Chipped Pot or a Cracked Pot, depending on the “form” of Sinistea they possess. Sinistea is available in both Fake Form and Authentic Form. Those with a Phony Sinistea must locate a Chipped Pot in order to evolve it into a Polteageist. Those with an Authentic Sinistea must acquire a Cracked Pot.

The only requirement for obtaining both of these items is winning an auction at the Port Marinada Auction House. Players will be required to travel to this location as part of the Water-type Gym’s Gym Test regardless. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when these items will appear, and they appear relatively late in the narrative. Players must simply keep returning to Port Marinada and keep an eye out for any vendors selling a Chipped Pot or Cracked Pot.

Once a player has a Chipped Pot or a Cracked Pot, they must match it to their Sinistea and use it in a way similar to how an evolutionary stone would be used.

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