When the Squad Hops into Town: A Guide to Making Progress in Minecraft

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

For players seeking to complete random tasks, Minecraft’s advancements offer enjoyable challenges. This guide will assist players in assembling their frog squad.

In the most recent update to Minecraft, tadpoles, frogspawn, and frogs have been added to the game’s swamp biomes, and when they’re not eating things they shouldn’t, the adorable amphibians can be used as a source of the atmospheric froglight blocks.

Alongside the gameplay updates and enhancements, several unlockable “advancements” were added. This Minecraft guide will help players unlock the ‘When The Squad Hops Into Town’ achievement, which requires them to accept their position as ‘lord of the frogs’ by having one of each frog type on a lead simultaneously.

How To Acquire (And Create) Leads

Obviously, in order to have anything on a lead, players will need to locate or create one; they can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Killing or moving far apart a Wandering Trader’s llamas; – Looting chests in a Woodland Mansion; – Looting chests in Ancient Cities; – Crafted with four strings and one slimeball in the shape of the image above; this yields two leads, but at least three are required.

Leads can then be used on the majority of neutral and passive creatures by interacting with them (rather than attacking them). When a creature is on a leash, the player can interact with a fence to tether it, preventing it from escaping.

How To Acquire And Breed Frogs

Long-tongued amphibians are an adorable addition to Minecraft’s growing collection of animals; they adore slimeballs and make an excellent addition to any player’s terrarium. As this advancement requires players to find frogs in each of the three possible colors, they should be prepared to breed frogs and place their tadpoles in specific biomes to grow. Below are the steps required to breed frogs, which can be found naturally spawning in swamp and mangrove biomes.

  • Locate two frogs – Feed each one a slimeball – Follow the frogs to a nearby water source – Wait for the frogspawn to hatch – it cannot be picked up, not even with a silk touch pickaxe – Use a bucket to collect the tadpoles that hatch.

With the tadpoles safely stored in the player’s bucket, the ‘Bukkit Bukkit’ advancement is unlocked, and the player must then travel throughout the world to create frogs of specific colors. Specifically, players must:

Find a ‘temperate’ biome for orange frogs (Forests, Swamps, Plains, Hills, etc.)

  • Place the tadpole in the biome’s water – Wait for it to transform into a frog or feed it slimeballs until it does so.
    Find a ‘cold’ biome for green frogs (Mountains, Snowy Taiga, Cold Oceans, etc.)
  • Place the tadpole in the biome’s water (while ensuring that it does not freeze) – Wait until it transforms into a frog, or feed it several slimeballs until it does.

Find a ‘warm’ habitat for white frogs (Jungles, Deserts, Swamps, Warm Oceans, etc.)

  • Put the tadpole in the biome’s water; either wait for it to transform into a frog or feed it slimeballs until it does.

Unsurprisingly, frogs are excellent jumpers; to prevent them from jumping over fences and despawning while players are spawning additional frogs, they should:

  • Placing their frogs in small, ceilinged rooms
  • Placing honey blocks on the floor of their enclosures to prevent them from jumping. – Attaching nametags to the frogs to ensure they won’t de-spawn. – Tying the frogs to a fence with a lead.

After transforming at least one tadpole into a frog of each color, players must place all three frogs on leads simultaneously to unlock this achievement.

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