What should Version 1.20 of Minecraft add to the game?

The upcoming major update to Minecraft could revamp a , add a new one, or make it easier and more enjoyable to explore worlds.

What should Version 1.20 of Minecraft add to the game?

Minecraft is a game that is always getting better. It gets new biomes, mobs, blocks, and features through regular updates. With the release of Minecraft version 1.19, players gained access to a new biome, the Mangroves, as well as new blocks and mobs that can aid them in their journey. Even though this update wasn’t as big as the two before it, which changed the game’s mountains and caves, the next one, 1.20, could be a major patch with new features or changes to the way the game is played.

The next major update of Minecraft is typically announced during the annual Minecraft Live event, where players can not only get a sneak peek at the game’s future but also vote on which new mob will be added through the Mob Vote. Numerous theories circulate on the Internet as to what the next significant update to Minecraft will alter. From a better End dimension to more in-depth farming and exploration, the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update can still vastly improve many aspects of the game.

Final Update

The End Dimension was added to Minecraft in 2011 and has served as the home of the Dragon, the game’s final boss. However, the dimension has become stale over time due to the absence of biomes and creatures that would make the location more useful. As it stands, the End is where players can kill the Ender dragon and find items such as the Elytra that are not found in the overworld, despite the fact that it is primarily filled with empty space and difficult-to-navigate floating platforms.

An End Update would have to overhaul the current appearance of the dimension by introducing new biomes to make exploration more engaging. New mobs, such as Enderman variants, could assist players in locating and farming rare resources, such as Ender Pearls and Phantom Membranes, which are used to repair Elytra. Changes to the End would make it more worthwhile for players to visit the dimension and could even allow players to establish permanent bases there, spawning new types of challenges and playthroughs.

Exploration Redesign

The Wild Update added a new biome to Minecraft’s overworld as well as the Boat with Chest, one of the most useful items for exploration. This update, along with the updates to the mountains and caves, could be a precursor to a more substantial update that adds new exploration-related features. There are already countless mods that provide players with items such as sleeping bags, grappling hooks, and backpacks that make exploration easier, as well as hundreds of new Minecraft biomes that increase the value of exploration.

Mojang has always encouraged the use of mods in its game, and has occasionally used mods to add features to the base game for the enjoyment of all players. Sleeping bags and backpacks would be welcome additions to Minecraft, as they would make adventuring significantly safer and easier. Adding new biomes and mobs to the overworld would also encourage players to explore, and better structures like temples and mansions could add a great deal of new activities for players in the overworld.

The Eternal Dimension

The 1.19 update of Minecraft also added a new key feature found deep within caves, the Ancient City, which is home to one of the game’s most dangerous mobs, the Warden. This feature was originally intended to be released with the Caves and Cliffs update and included a new structure that resembles a portal and can be found in these Ancient Cities. This may have been a hint that Minecraft will add a new dimension accessible through the Ancient City in a future update; it would certainly be exciting to gain access to an entirely new dimension to explore.

It is possible that the Ancient Dimension is home to the Wardens, making it one of the most dangerous dimensions in the game. Similar to the Nether, it could contain a new ore that is more durable and effective than Netherite, the game’s current strongest material. The addition of this new dimension could also cause Wardens to drop useful loot and provide players with significantly more areas to explore. With the building blocks already in place in the base game, an Ancient Dimension update could be exactly what players are looking for.

As rumors about Minecraft’s next big update continue to spread, fans can’t wait for Minecraft Live to come out to find out what Mojang has planned for update 1.20. There are many ways to go about the next update, such as adding a new dimension or completely changing an old one. In any case, the release of Minecraft update 1.20 will likely inspire a large number of players to explore the game’s world in search of its new mysteries.

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