What is the Secret Menu Item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? (Medali Gym Test Guide)

The simplest way to discover what the secret menu item in Pokemon & Violet is can be found right here.

In the early days of Pokemon, those who wished to challenge a gym leader for the chance to claim their badge were required to prove their worth by defeating a series of trainers. In modern times, however, earning the right to challenge a gym leader requires passing a special gym test, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no exception.

Despite the fact that the majority of gym tests in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are incredibly straightforward, a few of them are more involved. The Medali Gym trial falls into the latter category, as must order a special dish from a nearby eatery in order to challenge Larry. The intended method for locating the special menu item can be somewhat time-consuming, but players can speed up the process if they know where to look.

What is the Treasury Restaurant’s Top-Secret Menu Item?

The good news is that players do not need to find all of the clues in-game, so those who have access to a Medali Gym test guide can simply place their order at the Treasury Eatery as soon as the trial has begun. Upon arrival, they must speak with the server near the entrance and choose one of the following options in order to pass the Medali Gym test and earn the right to face Larry:

Rice spheres that have been grilled.
Medium serving.
Crispier than usual, Fire Blast style.

Instructions for Ordering the Secret Menu Item and Fighting Larry

To discover the answers for themselves, players must interact with a number of NPCs dispersed throughout Medali. The first is a small child near the ice cream stands who, after being defeated in battle, will suggest that players search for the outlier among the nearby stands. Checking the menu at one of them will reveal a variety of ice cream dishes in addition to Grilled Rice Balls, which is the first clue players will need to locate the hidden menu item.

Next, players must fight the male student near the benches to learn about a blue bird, which refers to a Squakabilly perched on the head of another male NPC. If players locate this bird and wait a short time, it will eventually utter the phrase “Meedyum” (Medium). This is the required serving size for players. Then, players should descend the nearby stairs to the amphitheater and interact with the metal grate. This will reveal the following gym test clue: Fire Blast.

Finally, players can proceed to the Treasury Eatery and speak with the counter clerk there. After he informs them that Lemon is the best seasoning, players will have everything they need to place an order. They can then proceed to the server near the entrance to order the secret menu item, pass the Medali Gym test, and earn the right to battle Larry for their next gym badge.

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