WHAT EVERYTHING NEW In Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.40!

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

The Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19.40 adds numerous fixes and features, such as parity updates and certain Java edition features.

WHAT EVERYTHING NEW In Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.40!

Since its humble beginnings, Minecraft has added a plethora of new mobs, blocks, biomes, features, and items, forcing players to find new ways to play the game and entertaining them for over a decade. Mojang is able to enhance both versions of Minecraft, Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock, as a result of the constant updates made to the game. Recent updates to Minecraft Bedrock have added features that were previously exclusive to the Java edition, ensuring that there are no differences between the two versions of the game.

The Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19.40 aims to implement Parity updates, in which Minecraft adds features that already exist, but are exclusive to one version. Focused on incorporating certain features that have been proven on the Java edition so that Bedrock players have the same gaming experience. In addition to these parity updates, version 1.19.40 fixes a few gameplay and mobile control issues to ensure the game continues to run smoothly on all platforms.

Update 1.19.40 added numerous parity updates to Bedrock edition from Java edition, including changes to the Ravager mob and screen-displayed death messages. Now, in the Bedrock edition, the weapon name will be displayed in the kill message when a player is killed with a renamed weapon. Ancient Cities will no longer be able to spawn hostile mobs, making the game significantly easier for players who are exploring these deep areas for the first time.

Evokers can now take damage from Ravager fangs in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Ravager collision boxes and speeds have been matched to their Java counterparts, and Evokers can now take damage from Ravager fangs in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Several issues with Mud blocks, such as the screen becoming obscured if a player swam above one, have also been resolved. Update 1.19.40 introduced a few changes to Spectator Mode, including the removal of XP orbs when a mob is killed, the removal of sounds from bubble columns, and the invisibility of spectators to normal players, which is a great feature for streaming or multiplayer.

1.19.40 Fixes

Update 1.19.40 added a plethora of fixes to gameplay, mobs, blocks, items, realms, and even mobile controls, in addition to bringing Bedrock edition into line with Java edition. The update included several fixes to prevent crashes, including those caused by explosions, the end of a split-screen session, and the use of spawn eggs. The update also added a feature that enables keyboard-using players to sprint diagonally, which is a useful addition for many players who need to move quickly or flee from danger.

Certain mob interactions were also fixed, including infant villagers accepting flowers from Iron golems, allowing tamed mobs to follow players through End portals, and preventing long-range mobs from attacking players through walls. Other fixes include preventing falling blocks from shattering, beacons disappearing, arrows and tridents stopping, username changes, and texts displayed when uploading worlds. Mobile control bugs have also been fixed, including those that prevented players from removing items from the Hotbar; auto-jump now allows players to jump out of the water; the villager trade list can now be scrolled; and the Pocket UI has been improved.

Minecraft 1.19.40 is a step towards providing Bedrock edition players with a similar experience to Java edition players. On the Minecraft website, you can find a large number of additional changes, including technical updates and new commands. As Minecraft continues to release Parity updates, there is a possibility that in the future, Bedrock and Java players will be able to enjoy the same game with all the same features, including snapshots and bug fixes that streamline the process for Mojang and the player.

Minecraft is currently available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S.

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