What Each Sculk Block Does in Minecraft

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

The powerful Warden lives in Minecraft’s sculk-filled depths, which are full of sculk blocks. Here is what each stitch block does:

As a result of the introduction of the Warden and the deep dark cave biome in Minecraft, players now have access to sculk blocks. These blocks have a distinctive dark turquoise and blue appearance, similar to that of the Warden.

When players first encounter a deep, dark biome, they will need to play with extreme caution and be aware of what each block does. This will keep them from running into the Warden, the second-strongest enemy in Minecraft after the Ender Dragon, when they don’t need to or aren’t ready. Here is what each sculk block does.

Sculk Vein

Sculk Vein

Beginning with the least dangerous of the group is the sculk vein. This is not exactly a block, but more like carpeting or a group of vines that will grow on top of non-sculk blocks. In the deep dark biome, sculk veins are typically located at the biome’s margins, attached to deep slate or even covering ores.

If the player does not utilize a Silk Touch pickaxe, breaking the sculk vein yields nothing. It is also possible to create additional sculk veins by activating a sculk catalyst, a unique sculk block that will be discussed in greater detail below. Interestingly, breaking the sculk vein with a hoe is the quickest way to destroy it.



Sculk is a default block that can be found in the deep dark biome. It is distinguished by its deep turquoise color and animated, non-illuminating dots. When players walk on it, it emits a spongy, almost fungal-like sound.

The cool thing about this block is that destroying it grants the player experience points. It’s only 1 experience point, but it’s still something. Similarly to sculk veins, sculk itself can generate naturally when a sculk catalyst is activated, meaning that players could theoretically generate and farm an infinite amount of sculk. Obtaining a Silk Touch tool is essential if you want to avoid destroying it again.

Sculk Sensor

Sculk Sensor

Now we will move on to the more evil blocks. The Sculk sensor is a new “wireless” redstone block that transmits a redstone signal when it detects sound in its vicinity. If a sound is produced within nine blocks of the sensor, it will emit a sound, illuminate, and transmit the signal. These blocks are especially dangerous if they are near a sculk shrieker, as they can cause the spawning of a Warden.

Fortunately, players can avoid being detected by a sculk sensor by encasing it in wool or by sneaking on or walking on wool. Players can also break sculk sensors, but in order for the sculk to drop, they will need a Silk Touch enchanted tool, with hoes once again being the best option. Keep an eye on these sensors, as they have a surprising range, even from above, and will activate if enemy items land on them.

Sculk-Based Catalyst

Sculk-Based Catalyst

Earlier, sculk catalysts were described as a crucial building block that, when activated, can generate sculk veins and sculk. The catalyst is distinguished by its white side details. It cannot be triggered by sound, making it a relatively safe block to approach, but it can be triggered if an enemy dies nearby.

When a horde dies, the sculk catalyst is activated and more sculk is spread around it. Be cautious when experimenting with the sculk catalyst, as this newly generated area may contain a sculk sensor. In fact, it has a negligible possibility of producing a sculk shrieker. As with the other sculk blocks, it must be extracted using a Silk Touch tool to avoid being completely destroyed.

Sculk Shrieker

If this structure is found near a group of sculk sensors, players shouldn’t make any noise. The sculk shrieker is the most dangerous sculk block because it can eventually call for the Warden. The sculk shrieker’s top features four protruding pillars and an animated, warping central area. The best way to mine it and keep it is with a Silk Touch pickaxe, but when it is destroyed, it grants 5 experience points to players. Note that mining a shrieker with Silk Touch prevents it from spawning a Warden.

Typically, the sculk shrieker is activated by sculk sensors that detect nearby sounds and send a redstone signal to any nearby sculk shriekers. However, if there are no nearby sculk sensors, it is also possible to activate it through other means. Walking on it or shooting it will also cause it to emit a shrieking sound and signal, as well as inflict Darkness upon the player.

A player may only activate a sculk shrieker three times. A Warden will spawn close to the shrieker on the fourth occurrence.

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