What Do You Think? What the Theme of Minecraft 1.20 Could be

Mojang has not yet disclosed the theme for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update; however, the features that have been disclosed may hint at one.

What the Theme of Minecraft 1.20 Could be

At Minecraft Live 2022, fans were given a preview of some of the features that will be included in Minecraft update 1.20. Mojang also confirmed that it will continue to add new features to the game, but made no mention of a particular theme for update 1.20. Due to the announced features and the fact that every Minecraft update has had a theme, many fans are curious as to what update 1.20’s theme could be and what additional features it could bring.

Four new features will be added to Minecraft in 2023, including the new mob, the camel, hanging signs, a new bookshelf, and bamboo . These four features may appear to be completely unrelated, but they could indicate a new biome update or something that simply adds a large number of new exploration items. Fans can only speculate as to what Minecraft update 1.20 entails and what else Mojang is working on for 2023, as Mojang has not confirmed anything.

Desert Overhaul

The desert biome of Minecraft is in dire need of an overhaul, as players have little to do other than find villages and gather sand. Due to the lack of reliable food sources and the absence of blocks, the desert biome is also one of the worst places to start in Minecraft. However, now that camels have been added to the game, players will have a greater incentive to explore the deserts, so update 1.20 could concentrate on enhancing other aspects of the desert biome.

Adding a wood type and a food source will likely necessitate the addition of oasis-like locations within the desert biome to provide players with a respite from the vast stretches of sand. In addition to having dirt instead of sand, these oases will also contain trees that provide players with the essential resources needed to survive in the Minecraft universe. In addition, the addition of new structures may explain why bamboo blocks and chiseled bookshelves are being added to the game, with the former fitting in well with the sand dunes of Minecraft’s deserts.

Exploration Developments

The way in which players explore the world could also be redesigned in Minecraft’s 1.20 update. These are exemplified by the camel and the raft, and many more features could be added alongside them to facilitate exploration. In addition, the new bookshelf could naturally spawn in a new temple that could be added to encourage players to leave their bases and mines and explore the vast worlds created in Minecraft.

A player-requested item may be added to the game as part of an update centered on exploration. Numerous mods already include sleeping bags that allow players to skip the night without generating a new respawn point; they would be a great addition for exploration. New structures and even different types of rivers could be added to encourage players to use rafts and utilize camels to seek out structures.

The Minecraft update 1.20 might be the most mysterious one so far, since so little has been said about it and fans are full of guesses about the game’s future. Camels, bamboo blocks, rafts, hanging signs, and chiseled bookcases may not appear to have much in common, but they may indicate a desert biome overhaul or an exploration overhaul. In any case, players will be eager to try out the newly revealed Minecraft features in the first snapshot of update 1.20, which was released just days after Minecraft Live 2022.

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