What are Ominous Black Stakes in Scarlet and Violet?

Players of Scarlet and Violet who discover an ominous black stake will likely wonder what it is and whether they should remove it.

In comparison to some of their predecessors, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet feature a tremendous amount of content, with countless questlines for players to complete. To become the best Pokemon trainer in the region, you need to do things like beat titans and base leaders, as well as the Elite Four and become Champion. Those who look deeper into Paldea, on the other hand, are likely to find something much more .

What are Ominous Black Stakes in Scarlet and Violet?

There are 32 Ominous Black Stakes driven into the ground throughout the region, and players have the option to pull them out of the ground by interacting with them. The games provide no real indication of what might occur if they decide to pull them out, nor are the consequences of doing so immediately apparent. However, this does not mean that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players shouldn’t pull out the stakes whenever they find them, as doing so can lead to some extremely valuable rewards in the future.

What Are the Dark Risks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

There are four different sets of Ominous Black Stakes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, each emitting a distinct hue. By removing all eight stakes of a given color, players will gain access to a secret shrine where they can find and capture a powerful Legendary Pokemon. Each set and its shrines are generally confined to a specific portion of the map, with players needing to defeat all five Titans in order to fully upgrade Koraidon or Miraidon and pull them out of the ground.

Green glowing stakes can be found in the northwest of Paldea, around Casseroya Lake, that grant access to the Groundblight Shrine and the Dark/Ground-type legendary Ting-Lu. Chi-Yu, a Legendary of the Dark/Fire type, can be found in the Firescourge Shrine, which is located in the northeastern part of Paldea and can be accessed by collecting all of the blue glowing stakes. The southwest region of Paldea is home to yellow glowing stakes and the Icerend Shrine, which houses the Dark/Ice-type Legendary. Southeast Paldea is home to the Chien-Pao Shrine, purple glowing stakes, and the Dark/Grass-type Legendary Pokémon Wo-Chien.

Glow ColorLocationShrineLegendary
GreenNorthwest PaldeaGroundblight ShrineTing-Lu
BlueNortheast PaldeaFirescourge ShrineChi-Yu
YellowSouthwest PaldeaIcerend ShrineChien-Pao
PurpleSoutheast PaldeaGrasswither ShrineWo-Chien

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