We ranked the 20 games with the best ways to build a base.

There are many excellent base-building games available, but some have superior gameplay mechanics. Here is a ranking of some of the best.

There are a variety of games that give players the ability to create what they want in order to progress in the game. This is one of the most important aspects of base building games, a group of games whose primary objective is to construct a functional residence.

The definition of the base-building genre is somewhat ambiguous, so there are numerous games that claim to perfectly fit under the label. However, there are only a handful of games that perfectly exemplify the genre.

Chris Birsner last updated this on 11 October 2022. As survival and simulation games continue to grow in popularity over time, so too does the potential for base building games. In these types of games, the prospect of undertaking a large project, completing it, and reaping the benefits of having a base is incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s being able to construct the ideal home to enjoy spending time in or a fortress that is impossible for enemy forces to destroy, the satisfaction of completing a large project and seeing the benefits of having a base is incredibly satisfying. While many of the best base-building games have been mentioned in the past, there continues to be a steady stream of truly impressive base-building games across all platforms.

20. 7 Days To Die

The key to creating the best base-building games is to make everything harvestable, allowing the player to build their home wherever they choose. This is part of the concept behind the 2013 survival horror game 7 Days to Die, which is still available in early access.

Set in a nuclear apocalypse following World War III, players must survive while being pursued by zombies brought to life by the conflict. Not only are bases safe havens, but they can also be filled with traps that can kill invading zombies.

19. The Wandering Village

City-builders are a distinct type of base-building game, as they emphasize the creation of a civilization without a great deal of pressure. However, there are few games that increase the stakes, such as The Wandering Village’s early access version.

On the back of a massive creature that is also attempting to survive on its own, players construct a society. The world has fallen apart due to mysterious plants that are poisonous to everyone, and it is up to the player to build a community capable of protecting both the inhabitants and the giant upon which the society is based.

18. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress, a 2006 video game, is presented entirely through text that forms the game’s visuals. The primary mode is open-ended, allowing the player to set any desired objective. When a new game begins, the world generates diverse land, ocean, and civilization types.

In order to survive, players must determine where they wish to construct a fortress and then construct a foundation that will keep the inhabitants of the fortress happy and safe.

17. Age Of Empires: 2

Age of Empires 2, released in 1998, was a classic game that focused on the construction of civilizations. The real-time strategy game requires the player to focus on building towns and gathering resources, but adds the twist of constructing armies to defeat enemy civilizations.

In Age of Empires 2, if players are able to conquer a town, they will have access to additional playable territory. Four distinct eras, each representing a millennium, are available for players to advance their empire through.

16. Timberborn

The best base-building games focus on humans attempting to defend themselves from the outside world. In Timberborn, however, it is the humans who have rendered the world inhabitable, leaving beavers with the responsibility of surviving and thriving.

Facing persistent drought, players must select one of two beaver factions and use their skills to construct a society that helps produce the resources required to survive major droughts. The factories are constructed with the metal left behind by humans after their extinction, which will aid the beavers in the development of useful technology.

15. Valheim

Valheim, a 2021 early access release, has already established itself as one of the most entertaining survival games available. In addition to gathering resources and fighting off monsters, the base-building aspect of the game is what keeps players coming back.

The great thing about building in Valheim is the variety of available locations. There are currently six biomes, ranging from the tranquil Meadows to the icy conditions of the Mountains. Additionally, there are the Swamp, Black Forest, and Plains.

14. Subnautica

Exploring the ocean can be terrifying, and Subnautica allows players to experience the unknown firsthand. The survival action-adventure games have players don scuba gear and explore the ocean’s deepest depths in search of various lifeforms on the planet 4546B.

In addition to surviving potential attacks in the ocean, players must manage their own health, hunger, and other factors. Building bases that can serve as a place to rest and construct new submersibles that can aid in the exploration aspect of the game are major components of Subnautica.

13. Grounded

Grounded is the video game offspring of the films A Bug’s Life and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The players of Obsidian Entertainment’s recently released survival game are shrunk to the size of ants.

The objective of Grounded is to survive in a backyard inhabited by numerous hostile insects. Grounded focuses on constructing a strong enough base to allow the player to survive the day-night cycle.

12. Evil Genius

It’s easy to forget how much effort video game villains appear to put into destroying the world when they’re so entertaining. Evil Genius exposes players to its difficulty.

The 2004 real-time strategy simulation game places players in the role of the villain as they attempt to manage a lair that is accumulating resources to construct a doomsday device that could be used to bribe the world out of all its money. The player must construct stations for their minions to gather resources and care for themselves, as well as traps for the “good guys” to fall into.

11. Minecraft

As stated previously, base building games can be defined in a variety of ways, so it is reasonable to include Minecraft in this category. The all-time classic is renowned for its blocky worlds, which permit the player to explore and collect everything in the environment.

Survival mode is ideal for players who enjoy the base-building genre, whereas Creative mode is the simplest way to construct anything. The player’s long-term experience in the sandbox is reliant on building a home, establishing farms, and gathering resources. The popularity of Minecraft suggests that it may be the best base-building game of all time.

10. They Are Billions

They Are Billions is the only band to consider if you wish to construct a home in a steampunk universe. The post-apocalyptic survival game places players in a zombie-infested world where they must construct a strong enough base to survive.

The player must explore the map to collect various resources while developing a base construction strategy. Additionally, players must prepare their defenses for when zombies begin to approach their habitat. There can be domino effects from an infection, so it is essential to protect all sides of a fortress.

9. Ark: Survival Evolved

Given that players must survive in a prehistoric world overrun by dinosaurs, it should come as no surprise that Ark: Survival Evolved includes base-building mechanics that are integral to the game’s overall gameplay. Before constructing a dwelling, players must craft specific components from resources gathered throughout the world.

For example, players must gather enough materials to construct floors, doors, and walls. As they play Ark, players must be wary of their structure’s pillars and foundations being destroyed, but their ultimate objective is to upgrade their hut.

8. Astroneer

Base builder games require the player to remain in one location while constructing the best possible foundation. Astroneer strongly encourages exploration due to the diversity of the game’s environments, especially when it comes to gathering resources.

In Astroneer, which is set in the 25th century, each player controls their own Astroneer, whose mission is to scavenge seven planets with layers that extend deep into their cores. This base-building survival game’s premise is made less intimidating by the game’s seamless four-player co-op.

7. Satisfactory

Initially, establishing a home on an alien planet can be extremely difficult, but constructing a sturdy factory will make life much simpler. In Satisfactory, players can explore an open world in first-person perspective while attempting to develop a plant that would make resource gathering a breeze.

Players will learn how to construct complex machines to obtain the materials necessary to construct a Space Elevator, which they can use to transport additional resources to their employer, FICSIT Inc. The Satisfactory map is pre-generated so that all players begin in comparable positions.

6. The Riftbreaker

It’s always entertaining when base-building survival games combine with other genres, and The Riftbreaker is advertised as a game with base-building survival and action RPG elements. The best part is that everything must be completed while wearing a mech suit.

Captain Ashley Nowak is on a mission to reach regions of the solar system that no one else can access due to the suit. Through a portal, reach a planet where a base will be constructed, and attempt to connect it to Earth. Along the way, however, aliens will attempt to destroy Captain Nowak and the base.


If one awakens in the middle of the ocean adrift on a raft, the obvious course of action is to add to the raft in order to survive longer. Developed by Redbeet Interactive, Raft requires players to use their hook to bring in the necessary materials to begin making their raft more habitable.

This includes using materials such as wood to enlarge the improvised boat so the shark that lurks nearby does not attempt to eat the player. The creators of Raft are still hard at work on a complete storyline for the player to enjoy.


Typically, the objective of base-building games is to prevent the enemy from invading from the outside. The objective of Prison Architect is for the player to assume the role of a warden and construct a prison that will keep criminals locked away from the outside world.

Construct a prison that will both care for inmates and prevent them from attempting to escape. Manage personnel and allocate funds that can be used to address current issues at the compound. In an alternate Prison Architect mode, you can assume the role of a prisoner and attempt to escape from a prison created by other players.

3. Oxygen Not Included

Three space colonists are in a precarious situation in which they have lost their memories but must reconstruct a new civilization from scratch.

In Oxygen Not Included, the player is tasked with keeping these three “duplicates” alive by keeping track of their needs and directing their colonists to perform the necessary tasks of gathering resources so they can continue to produce vital supplies. The game is procedurally generated, so players will always encounter unique biomes in space.

2. RimWorld

RimWorld is set on a planet in the middle of space and puts players in charge of a colony filled with characters attempting to flee. To begin the game, players can select from a variety of scenarios.

Players are then tasked with keeping their characters alive while dealing with random events that may occur at any time. Each character has unique traits that determine how they can contribute to the colony, which can assist the player in determining how to construct a reasonable area. The game ends when one of the characters escapes or when all of them perish.

1. Factorio

Minecraft is known for its robust community of modders. The construction and management game Factorio was inspired by two mods for “BuildCraft” and “IndustrialCraft” that were heavy on technology.

The objective of the game is to find and collect resources in order to construct advanced machines that can lead to factories that automatically harvest materials and even craft objects from these materials. As the player seeks to expand their machinery and research new technologies, the environment will turn against him or her, necessitating caution.

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