True Story Behind Last Minute Changes to Midas in Fortnite Epic Games

Donald Mustard, chief creative officer of Games, shares a behind-the-scenes Fortnite story involving a last-minute change to .

fortnite true story midas

Regarding a last-minute change to the man with the golden touch, Midas, a Fortnite story from Epic Games’ chief creative officer Donald Mustard is circulating once again. Despite the popularity of Fortnite, it is now uncommon for any of the developers to discuss Epic Games’ development process. Perhaps they believe that sufficient information leaks unintentionally. Consequently, it is surprising to see a story about Midas’ evolution circulating again so long after it was initially shared.

Midas, for those unaware, is a Fortnite character whose touch turns everything into gold. Even now, well over a chapter after his initial revelation, golden objects appear in odd places, indicating that Midas was nearby. The character was revealed for the first time in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2, where he was the Level 100 Battle Pass unlock for that season. Midas now appears as a neutral NPC within Fortnite, and several Outfits based on him can be purchased from the game’s store.

Before a year, Donald Mustard shared the following story about Midas on Instagram: With only a short time remaining before Midas would be added to Fortnite, he underwent a significant design change. Mustard asserts that Midas wore glasses in the past. As a result, Midas “didn’t look cool enough” due to the fact that the Fortnite team was unable to get the glasses to work as desired. Epic Games removed Midas’s glasses at the eleventh hour and released him without them.

Chapter 2: Season 2 Fortnite players may recall that, despite the change, a version of Midas with glasses was apparently included inadvertently in the game. At the time of Midas’s initial launch, he also introduced a yacht as a new landmark. Inside The Yacht stood a statue of Midas, but Epic Games neglected to remove the glasses.

In Fortnite, it is no longer possible to see Midas wearing his glasses. Chapter 2: Season 3 details Deadpool’s swift seizure and destruction of the Yacht and its statue. Due to the recent seasons’ map-flipping shenanigans, not even the wreckage can be located.

It demonstrates how closely Epic Games has planned Fortnite’s development. Fortnite receives weekly updates as a result of the game’s aggressive live service. This means that the company’s leadership is constantly making decisions regarding what is “cool,” sensible, and manageable. The glasses worn by King Midas are likely one of the most obvious examples of changes made by Epic Games in the days preceding an update.

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