Top 8 Best Action Games in Android for Free

A long time ago, playing games on a was only a viable option if you did not have access to a PC or console. Now, though, games on Android have been remade, starting with beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay and moving on to impressive systems and fantastic stories. If you are looking for action games to play on your Android smartphone to boost your adrenaline, here is a list of the best action games on Android in 2019 that will provide a thrilling gaming experience and make you forget the time.

List of the Best Action Games on Android

PUBG Mobile

You may already be familiar with the name of the PUBG Mobile. So, why is PUBG so popular? Well, the PUBG Mobile game parachutes players from above and lands them in a zone with 99 other players in a predetermined area, where they can collect weapons, kill enemies, and compete to be the last man standing.

You can also play in duo mode or form four-person squads. PUBG Mobile has a crystal-clear objective and excellent visuals, as well as a variety of weapons, weapon accessories, vehicles, and an open map with “life or death” rules that make playing the game very exciting.

If you believe that collecting firearms and using them to shoot your opponents is simple, just wait until someone uses a sniper and fires from a location you cannot see. Battle royale games are entertaining, especially when new maps, weapons, game modes, and character modifications are added.

If you don’t have the time to play a PUBG battle royale match that could last up to 30 minutes, there is also an Arcade mode with shorter matches. A PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is also available, which can add character upgrades and accessory rewards to the game. more interesting.

PUBG Mobile is very popular among Android gamers worldwide. PUBG mobile is the most popular game available on the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store offers PUBG Mobile, the best action game for Android, for download.

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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is one of the top Android action games. Even though Tekken and Injustice 2 are also very cool action games, the Android version does not impress us as much as the console versions. This does not apply to Mortal Kombat, however. Mortal Kombat for Android renders iconic characters, combat maneuvers, and brutal deaths visually.

There are three-on-three battles with three characters on your side, and you must create a roster of unique characters. Fight with other players in online battles while receiving assistance from the team. The Mortal Kombat games are known for their X-ray views of shattered bones, blood spraying, and flying skulls.

Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat’s campaign mode is also very cool. Mortal Kombat includes a Quest Mode in which you can send your collection of Mortal Kombat characters. You can also visit ‘Shao Kahn’s Tower,’ where you must battle to the top for points and fragments.

You can download the action game Mortal Combat from the Google Play Store.


Fortnite is a more colorful and imaginative version of PUBG because players can construct their own structures. The objective is to survive until you are the only player left alive or until you can eliminate your opponent within the time limit. Fortnite features multiple game modes, including solo, duo, squad, and Playground. However, what distinguishes Fortnite from other Battle Royale games is its combat system.

You can collect building materials by destroying trees, houses, rocks, and even cars, which can be used to construct shelters or to reach higher ground for a better vantage point.

One of the most prominent features of the Fortnite game is a dance that has gone viral in multiple countries. And numerous controls on-screen with various functions.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite has a season mission pass called the “Battle Pass” that unlocks weekly missions and character accessory prizes, such as emotes, skins, gliders, and a variety of other in-game items. If you don’t want to purchase the Battle Pass, don’t worry; there is a free mission pass with fewer missions and rewards, but it’s still quite good.

You can download the action game Fortnite from the publisher’s website, EpicGames.

Shadowgun Legends

Looking for an alien-based action game? Shadowgun Legends provides the solution. Shadowgun Legends has very fluid gameplay, excellent visuals, and straightforward weapon mechanics. Shadowngun Legends is a must-play game due to its numerous missions, customizable settings, and unique story development that gives the missions a film-like appearance. Unique stealth operations involving everything from destroying alien power plants and destroying alien drones to blowing up alien heads.

Shadowgun Legends begins with a humorous introduction video. You can skip it, but it is recommended so you can immerse yourself in the game’s atmosphere. There are some RPG elements in Shadowgun Legends, and you can interact with other players online. There are hundreds of character customization options. In the Shadowgun Legends video, there are rambling conversations that occur while playing the game.

Shadowgun Legends is available for download from the Google Play Store.

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Like most zombie films, Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival is an action game that depicts the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse; however, there will not be too many weapons available in this game. This is one reason why this game is so enjoyable to play. This game’s objective is to eliminate hordes of zombies with minimal ammunition. When you complete a level, you will receive a prize consisting of a variety of weapons, but you must use them carefully due to the scarcity of bullets.

Download Into the Dead 2.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few anime-based action games that accurately depicts the characters’ fighting styles and abilities. This game is engaging to play because it operates in portrait mode and employs a system of swipes and taps for attacks.

Download Dragon Ball Legends.

Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS

Modern Combat 5 is included on one of 2019’s best Android action game lists. In Modern Combat 5, you lead your team to victory against terrorists as a super soldier. Action-packed, including destroying helicopters and shooting enemies from water jets, and much more.

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty game, you will undoubtedly enjoy this Android game. Modern Combat 5 can be played in a 5 vs. 5 mode against players from around the globe, who can communicate with their teammates via voice chat to win battles. If you want to win Modern Combat 5 and get your name on the leaderboard, you’ll need a lot of quick reflexes and skill. The visuals are quite impressive, and the combat environment is realistic.

Download Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS.

Brothers in Arms™ 3

If you’re a fan of World War II, Brothers in Arms 3 will provide you with plenty of combat action and a few cool visual additions. With very realistic gameplay and easy-to-master game mechanics, as well as minimal on-screen controls.

You can upgrade weapon accessories in order to execute attacks with sufficient power against your opponent. You can engage in missions ranging from direct assaults to sniping and stealth. This game also features a kill-zoom camera that displays the most exciting action with zoom and adrenaline-inducing effects. The visuals are quite good, the gameplay is cool, and the game’s gameplay is excellent.

Download Brothers in Arms™ 3

These are a few of our top recommendations for the best Android action games. What do you think of the eight action games we’ve selected as the best of 2022? Did we overlook a game worthy of mention? Please provide your feedback below.

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