Top 20 Android cartooning applications

Using photo editing applications is frequently a really enjoyable approach to enhance the appeal and intrigue of your favorite photos. This is especially true when we’re talking about apps with various themes and effects that give the photos you shoot on your phone a completely original feel—many of them are even apps for drawing cartoon versions of yourself!

There are numerous possibilities among them, allowing you to quickly produce sketches, paintings, and much more! Of course, with so many alternatives available on the Play Store, it can be challenging to select a truly excellent , so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best available. Check out our recommendations below!

  1. PicsArt

Even though it has a ton of filters and effects, one of the best photo editing programs out there, PicsArt, is especially designed to make your pictures look like paintings and drawings. It does, though, have capabilities that also rank among the greatest free collage makers.

The fact that there are so many various art styles is incredibly fascinating. These range from simple effects that turn images into pencil sketches to more complex ones like gouache paintings. Other than that, the app is quite easy to use and can be downloaded completely free of charge for your Android phone by visiting the Play Store.

2. Dreamscope

Due to the enormous number of options available to its users, Dreamscope is definitely worth checking out. Even better, because the effects you can find here are inspired by the style of some of the greatest painters, such as Van Gogh and Picasso, whatever you make with it will genuinely look like a work of art.

Given the complexity and higher quality of the procedure, it could take a little longer for the photographs to be ready, but you will always be notified when it is. To top it off, if you decide that this alternative among the apps to cartoon yourself is too demanding, you may choose to utilize Dreamscope directly on any of the best online browsers.

3. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto is a different program that is specifically targeted at more artistic special effects. Compared to the majority of similar apps, it gives a lot more diversity to its customers. You will be able to use well over 200 distinct effects in the free version, and you will have access to no less than 1500 effects in the subscription version!

Your photos can be transformed into pencil sketches, oil paintings, ordinary drawings, and much more. There is also a gallery part where you can publish your own images in addition to viewing what other people have done. To get the application, click this link.

4. Photo Lab

Since Photo Lab offers effects and capabilities that go far beyond the aesthetic topic we’re discussing in this list, it is significantly more diverse than other programs. It does, however, include a whole section devoted solely to drawing and painting effects.

On your Android device, you can completely free download it, but the paid version will unlock a lot more functions. As you may have observed, it is especially useful for those who wish to edit their images in a variety of ways and go far beyond adding simple creative effects. Find out more about the Photo Lab!

5. Cartoon Camera

The name of this app pretty much says it all. It was created primarily to make your photos resemble cartoons, with the exception that it does so while you’re shooting the selfie rather than after you’ve edited it.

This makes it much simpler to see the image before you even push the shutter, and since you get the results right away, it’s also very convenient, making it one of the finest applications for drawing cartoons of oneself.

On your Android phone, you can download Cartoon Camera for free, but there is also a paid version that doesn’t have any adverts and even unlocks some extra functions. Click this link to find out more information about the app.

6. Prisma

One of the greatest apps for cartoonizing photographs is Prisma, one of the best and most well-known photo editing programs for Android devices. That is to be expected given that it does provide tools for you to create cartoons and drawings from images. There are also countless different filters, styles, and functions available.

You can share your creations with other people or publish them on your preferred platforms using Prisma, which functions something like a social media platform. Above 120 million people use it, and the Play Store gives it a rating of over 4.5 stars.

It’s a fantastic alternative for anyone who want to make images that appear to have been painted by famous artists like Picasso or Michelangelo. Visit the Play Store if you want to give it a try.

7. Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is one of the greatest Avatar designers and a fantastic alternative among the top applications to cartoon yourself. It is similar to most other options on our list. Additionally, it specializes in art effects and provides its customers with a wide variety of styles.

You can alter your photographs so that they resemble pencil sketches, oil paintings, or perhaps something more surrealistic. Both in real time and with automated focus from your gallery, you may apply filters, and sharing everything with your pals is simple.

Your Android smartphone can download the software for free, and it is quite light to use. Go to this website to learn more about Cartoon Photo!

8. Camart

Camart provides a variety of effects that let you turn photographs into artworks. You may use the program to add various creative effects to your photos, such as oil paints, pencil sketches, and more.

Additionally, it provides functionality and editing capabilities so you can modify your photos. You can even apply filters in real time! You can publish content immediately to Facebook, Instagram, email, and other social media sites using this free software, which is also incredibly simple to use. There is an Android version of Camart!

9. Photo Effects Pro

It may be used for much more than just the aesthetic themes and filters it contains because Photo Effects Pro gives you access to a wider range of editing features. Other than that, it’s quite straightforward and simple to use, making it a great choice for everyone.

It comes with over 40 distinct effects that you can try out and is absolutely free to download from the Play Store. And that naturally includes the option to create comics from your images! For more details, see the link provided.

10. Sketch Me!

This is one of the greatest applications for drawing cartoons of yourself because it has a ton of options and filters that will satisfy even the most discerning users. Although there is a free version, it enables even more options for filters in the paid version, which will enhance your experience.

It allows you a variety of tonalities, ranging from black and white to fully colorful ones, and much more. Its interface resembles that of the other programs. To top it off, you can share what you produce with this app on your preferred social media sites. To download it, click on this link!

11. PopCam

PopCam steals some of the show because it can transform any image, whether it be colored or black and white, into an image that looks more realistic! The fact that you can select from a variety of sketching styles allows you to be even more creative when editing, which is a really cool feature.

Even though you may use the app for free, there are a number of in-app purchases available if you wish to access any further features. Visit the Play Store if you’re interested!

12. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky provides its users with much more than just a straightforward tool to make cartoons and drawings, making it by far one of the greatest and most complete options among the apps to cartoon yourself. One of the greatest programs for creating Instagram highlight covers is this one.

This software includes a wide variety of drawing and cartoon styles, including caricatures, drawings, paintings, oil paintings, watercolor, and much more. It also has many excellent image-editing features that go above and beyond what most people would expect. Use this link to begin utilizing it!

13. Pencil Sketch Effects

Another application that focuses specifically on pencil drawings is Pencil Sketch Effects. It provides a wide range of drawing techniques using the widest range of pencils, such as basic graphite pencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and more. Although there are some customization options, they are somewhat few.

The program is completely free to use, operates in a fairly straightforward manner, and often quickly and easily turns photographs into cartoons! Visit the Play Store to find out more information about this application!

14. Pencil Sketch

The major function of the program Pencil Sketch, which shares a name with the preceding selection, is to convert pictures into pencil drawings. One of its finest features is that, even after selecting the desired style, you can still apply additional effects, like shading, if you want more lines or, for example, so it seems more like a sketch.

It also gives you the option to keep the photos’ color, but converting them to black and white would make the pictures look much more like drawings. For a free download of Pencil Sketch for your Android smartphone, click this link.

15. Comica

Since Comica has a highly distinct cartoon aesthetic, its images resemble comic book illustrations much more than those produced by the majority of the other applications on our list.

Even though there isn’t a lot of customization available, your photos will nonetheless look fantastic and stand out from the crowd. There is also the option to add stickers and writing, and the transformation process is really quick. Go to the Play Store and download the app!

16. Fotor 

One of the most popular Android photo editing apps is called Fotor. You can alter your favorite pictures using its countless features!

17. Snapseed

One of the most well-known and top-rated free Android apps for image editing, it also offers incredible filters and effects to make your photos much more enjoyable.

18. Camera360

Due to its unique effects, which of course include sketching ones as well, this program has become fairly famous in recent years.

19. Pixlr

One of the top PC programs, Pixlr, offers several artistic filters in addition to the various basic editing features.

20. Cymera 

The final choice is Cymera, which is a fantastic app on the Play Store. It has every kind of filter and theme you can imagine!

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