Top 10 Most Iconic Eyes In Video Games

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2023)

Many players will remember the eyes of their favorite video game characters, and some of them have become iconic over time.

Multiple characteristics can help a video game character stand out and be memorable. Most gamers will likely focus on a character’s personality or choice of attire, but sometimes a character’s eyes are the most striking feature.

Eyes can take various forms based on the game in which they appear. Some have extraterrestrial properties, while others simply stand out more. It is difficult to deny how memorable the eyes of a particular character can be depending on what they represent, regardless of their intended function.

Shifty Eyes – Los Angeles Noire

Cole Phelps, a homicide detective tasked with investigating a string of recent murders, is the protagonist of L.A. Noire. As a detective, he encounters numerous suspects, some of whom are considerably more difficult to crack than others. His interrogation frequently induces panic in suspects, resulting in truly hilarious facial expressions.

A suspect’s response to questions about their involvement or knowledge of a crime is typically odd. They will smile and fidget, but their most recognizable response will be eye movement. Although these eye movements are meant to represent panic, their exaggerated back-and-forth movement is simply hilarious.

Professor Layton’s Button Eyes – Hershal Layton

The majority of Professor Layton’s characters have distinct and intricate designs, but the protagonist, Hershal Layton, is an unusual exception. His extremely simplistic appearance is accentuated by the intricate characters he surrounds himself with.

The eyes of Layton are perhaps the most emotionless in the entire series. This fits his personality, as he rarely expresses emotion, but when he does, it often feels odd due to his somewhat lifeless appearance. Despite the fact that they should make it difficult for him to express his emotions clearly, they possess a peculiar allure that prevents this.

Animal Crossing – Tom Nook’s Tired Eyes

Tom Nook has undoubtedly worked hard to achieve his current financial position, but perhaps he would appear less exhausted if he took a short break. Each time this renowned tanuki encounters the player, he stares at them sleepily and mutters money-hungry phrases before returning to his workplace.

In addition to operating multiple businesses, Nook is the proud surrogate father of Timmy and Tommy, two adorable tanukis he reportedly rescued from the streets. With so much going on in his life, it is no wonder he experiences ocular fatigue.

NieR: Automata – The Eyes Of Androids

Though the androids’ eyes are rarely visible in NieR: Automata, the black cloth that covers them is the most recognizable physical trait. Considering the obstacles in their path, it is puzzling that 2B and 9S are able to carry out their duties while their vision is restricted.

Throughout the game’s narrative, there are numerous instances in which these blindfolds are removed to reveal what lies beneath, each of which is significant. Exposing an android’s eyes typically signifies mistrust or abandonment of YoRHa, thereby enhancing the impact of their presence.

The Undefeated – Final Fantasy 9

The plot of Final Fantasy 9 revolves around a young thief named Zidane, whose questionable desire for wealth places him in the middle of a sinister plot. His story begins with him attempting to kidnap Princess Garnet, only to discover that she desires to be abducted in order to escape her mother’s grasp.

As they flee from Garnet’s mother, they discover an extraterrestrial force capable of enslaving eidolons. Garland, a man with immense power, pilots the Invincible, a striking airship with a massive red eye at its base. This eye has the ability to destroy and capture everything it gazes upon, making it one of the most potent entities in Final Fantasy.

The Back Cover of The Master Of Master’s Gazing Eye – Kingdom Hearts

Prior to the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga, it was believed that Xehanort was the only one who could control the Gazing Eye keyblade. However, the conclusion of the saga has revealed that the keyblade has an unusually complex history. It was once owned by the Master of Masters, a deceptively powerful keyblade wielder who inserted his own eye into the blade’s hilt.

The presence of this eye adds an additional level of evil to the blade’s already terrifying appearance. With it imbedded in the blade, the Master can foresee future events so long as the blade is present to witness them.

The Walking Dead: Kenny’s Bandaged Eye.

After Clementine and her friends are captured by Carver, she devises an escape plan on her own. To initiate the plan, she decides to steal a radio, but Carver discovers this plot and refuses to overlook his new tenant’s treachery.

Clementine prepares for her punishment, but Kenny refuses to let Carver harm her and steps forward to shoulder the blame in her place. Carver pretends to respect Kenny for a moment before beating him so severely that he can no longer see out of his left eye. Throughout the remainder of his story, he covers his eye with a bandage, a look he pulls off surprisingly well.

White Eyes of Herobrine – Minecraft

Despite the fact that Herobrine has never appeared in Minecraft, he has become one of the most iconic characters to emerge from the franchise. Numerous rumors describing the ominous nature of this elusive being spread throughout the gaming community, causing Herobrine to become one of the most feared beings in the video game industry.

It was believed that Herobrine would randomly appear across the map and pursue adventurers. Before attacking and brutally murdering his victims, he would lurk in the shadows and stare at them with empty white eyes. His appearance is based on Steve’s, but his hollow eyes make him a significantly less appealing version of the iconic skin.

Cloud’s Eyes Imbued with Mako – Final Fantasy 7

On his journey across Gaia, Cloud’s eyes are frequently mentioned by the people he meets. As a SOLDIER, he has undergone a series of experiments to improve his genetic makeup, but these experiments have had a fascinating effect on his physical appearance.

Cloud eventually discovers he never participated in the SOLDIER program. After being injected with cells from Jenova, an alien who crash-landed on Gaia and was quickly imprisoned by the Shinra Corporation, his eyes began to glow. These glowing Mako Eyes indicate that someone has been subjected to experiments by Shinra’s leading scientist, Hojo.

Yellow Eyes of Xehanort – Kingdom Hearts

Long ago, it was believed that Xehanort’s eyes emitted a yellow hue because that’s how they appeared when he was born. However, Kingdom Hearts 3 finally revealed that his eyes turned yellow after he abandoned the light and embraced the darkness.

Xehanort has made many copies of himself with the same evil-looking eyes over the course of his life. All characters with yellow eyes in the Kingdom Hearts series are thought to have been affected by the Dark Seeker. This makes the power he has even scarier.

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