Top 10 Best Video Editing Softwares for YouTube Beginners

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Are you looking for the best video editing for your YouTube channel? In this chance we would like to delivers what the best video editing commonly used by youtuber around the world. YouTube well-known as the largest online video sharing service these day. YouTube has unpredictable shrinking volume of videos. On daily bases YouTube creators uploaded contents reached over 4 millions in 2017 and this number estimated to be growing.

If you want your YouTube videos to be seen by millions of people, you must arrange and fix any errors in the raw footage, which is why editing is so crucial. Because of this, we’ve chosen some of the top Windows and Mac OS video editing programs for YouTube that may assist you in creating visual content that complies to industry standards.

Right now, YouTube is one of the best sites for publishing videos, whether they are for more amusing or even serious purposes. There, you will find a sizable audience that is constantly open to trying new media as long as it is useful. With so many high-quality videos available, it is obviously essential to start with high quality, which involves professional editing. Even if you are a beginner in this field, the good news is that there are various video editors for YouTube. See our recommendations below!

Free Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

  1. VSDC Free Video Editor
VSDC Free Video Editor

The purpose of the video editor is to edit video files and produce videos of any difficulty with a variety of visual and audible effects. You can make videos with the program’s minimal effort because to its easy, intuitive interface and plenty of features.

Visual and Audio effects.
To get best result of your video editing you can apply many visual and audio effect toward your video. Due to the amount of visual affect is growing. Therefore VSDC divided affects into five categories to help user easy to navigate the effects such as color corrections, object filters, object transformation, special fx and transition effects.

Filters like Instagram and Blending modes.
For new users or beginners applying filters like Instagram style become more beneficial to save time by using click on the features or adjusting parameters. To apply color blending to change how video image look by using adjustable parameters to help users looks more professional to edit their videos.

The creation of variously shaped masks for masking, blurring, or highlighting specific aspects in your video is possible with VSDC free video editor. It can be used to add special effects both inside and outside the area that has been mask. One of the most popular uses of masking is to conceal someone’s identify or erase undesirable traces by blurring their face.

Motion Tracking
Any object in a movie can be registered and tracked using the motion tracking tool, which subsequently assigns the movement’s trajectory to other elements including titles, captions, icons, images, masks, and more. With its aid, it becomes simple to apply a censorship mask to a moving object or have captions follow a chosen element in a film.

Easy export to social networks
VSDC Free Video Editor provided special export feature to help users export their videos to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo without encountering any issues. By choosing the right format and fulfilling all the requirements.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks Software

Lightworks well-known as professional video editing software for making Hollywood-like YouTube videos. but it’s free means that you can use Lightworks forever if you want it. This software not offers free trial you just register to download the program and install it into your computer than start editing videos.

All common video file types, including 4K videos, are supported by the software, and you may easy export your videos to YouTube. Additionally, Lightworks is designed to speed up file exports, so you won’t have to wait long for your videos to be added to your YouTube channel. Professionals will like the Multicam editing tool, which lets you edit video material from two or more cameras.

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Compatibility with all the major operating systems
  • Good speed when editing YouTube video
  • Multi-camera editor is great
  • The custom-made interface is what YouTubers need


  1. The free version of the software has limited export capabilities
  2. Demanding system requirements

3. Shotcut

Shotcut Software

Shotcut is a free and open-source video editor available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has many features comparable to Windows Movie Maker. For example, the tool allows you to trim video footage to a specific length before converting it, and it includes filters and effects to make your video look more professional. Shotcut supports streaming in a variety of formats, including HTTP, RTSP, and UDP.

While the interface is simple, the tool is extremely powerful, and all of its video and audio filters are fully customizable. Best of all, because editing on Shotcut is non-linear, or can be edited out of chronological order, you can add, remove, or change your changes at any time.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the most popular video editing software for quickly creating amazing videos.

Intelligent tools. Improved storytelling.
Whether you’re editing a video for social media or a blockbuster film, Premiere Pro can help you tell your story with intuitive tools. Import and edit footage, apply effects, and export to any destination. It has everything you need to make anything you want.

Your idea. Your choice.
Share your vision, not just your content. Consider using professional templates or creating your own animated graphics and titles. Colors can be changed to suit your mood. And use audio tools and music tracks to give your story a distinct sound.

Use the power of Creative Cloud.
Other apps and services, such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and, integrate seamlessly with Premiere Pro. Begin by choosing from thousands of creative assets and hundreds of third-party extensions.

Your footage is ready to use.
Premiere Pro allows you to edit footage from a professional camera or your phone — up to 8K resolution. With native file support, lightweight workflows, and faster rendering, you can work the way you want.

With Speech to Text, you can generate captions automatically.
Automatic transcriptions make it simple to convert dialogue into captions. Subtitles can now be added and edited for engagement and accessibility in over a dozen languages.

Reformat your videos automatically
With intelligent reframing that keeps important content in frame, Auto Reframe helps accelerate your workflow and optimize footage for social media, whether it’s square, vertical, 16:9, or in 4K resolution.

Improve your skills with Adobe Stock.
Finding the ideal assets has never been easier. Search Adobe Stock within Premiere Pro to download music tracks, animated templates, video footage, and more.

5. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie

Make your videos look like they’re from a movie.
It’s never been easier to make memorable, cinema-quality videos and let your imagination run wild with iMovie. On the fly video editing or iMovie exploration on your Mac. With the new Magic Movie and Storyboards on iPhone or iPad, you can create your masterpiece from scratch or get help shaping your story.

Styled and edited instant movies That is magical.
With just a few taps, you can instantly create styled, edited videos complete with titles, transitions, and even music. Select media or an album from your library, and Magic Movie will automatically identify the best parts of the footage and create an edit. Experiment with different video looks by selecting one of the 20 available styles. Easily rearrange or delete clips from a streamlined list of your shots, and tweak the details with clip trimming, splitting, and other tools. And watch as your music recomposes dynamically to fit the length of your project.

Create your own story.
Shot for shot.
Learn about video storytelling or hone your craft with new Storyboards. The pre-made video templates will walk you through the filmmaking process. Choose from 20 storyboards categorized as Cooking, Product Reviews, or Science Experiments. Each storyboard comes with a shot list and examples to help you capture footage, organize clips, and learn different story structures. Save your storyboard video to your Photos library to share widely on social media, or send it directly to a friend via Messages or Mail.

Change the focus.
Create your own story.
When it comes to cinematic storytelling, you’re in charge. On iPhone 13, you can import and edit video clips captured in Cinematic mode1 for more artistic, professional looking scenes with minimal effort. To help guide the audience through your story, change the depth-of-field effect in previously captured footage and add and delete focus points. To help shape your story, you can even add and adjust Cinematic mode videos directly in the new Storyboards feature.

6. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro

Object Tracker and Cinematic modes are available.
Use the Object Tracker to boost your creativity. Final Cut Pro detects faces and objects using powerful machine learning, then matches their movement with titles and effects. It also allows you to change the focus points and depth of field on clips captured with the iPhone 13 in Cinematic mode.

Moving creativity.
Object Tracker can be used to add dynamic text or color correction to moving footage. Drag a title, graphic, or effect into the viewer to use powerful machine learning to detect faces and other objects. Analyze your target’s motion in a single click, aided by the Apple Neural Engine, and instantly match its movement. To improve your work even more, apply tracking data to other text and graphics.

The ultimate cinematic experience.
Final Cut Pro can enhance the appearance of video shot in Cinematic mode on the iPhone 13.1 You can choose and change focus points in a shot using a revolutionary click-to-track feature. You can also use a slider in the inspector to adjust the depth of field effect of a clip, or use keyframes to change the amount of blur in previously captured material.

7. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

Designed for all creators
Realize your vision, regardless of your experience or skill level. The best video editing software for making your first social media video or your tenth Hollywood film.

Produce high-quality content more quickly.
Work at breakneck speed with HitFilm’s ultra-fast technology. There will be no lagging or waiting. Just a simple, user-friendly interface with all of the necessary editing, animation, and audio tools. Perfect your copying, trimming, syncing, and slicing skills.

Editing necessities
Create dynamic edits with all of the essential tools: cut, slice, trim, split, crop, flip, and more.
Transitions via drag-and-drop
Transition from one scene to the next with ease using professional, ready-to-use transitions.
Presets that are ready-to-use
With customizable presets, you can create the perfect transition, color grade, or text in seconds.
Integrated creative assets
Use a professional stock footage, music, sound effects, and template library.
Audio synchronization
Automatically align your video and audio for a smooth, fast workflow.
Text editing software
Create eye-catching 2D and 3D titles and easily add subtitles to your video.

8. filmora

Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Video Editor is a good alternative to Windows Movie Maker because it includes everything you need to manage your video.

It allows you to easily create any type of professional video or movie with various visual and audio effects, such as filters, transitions, overlays, custom captions, and elements, among others.

They also have Filmora Go, which is designed for mobile editing, and Filmora Scrn, which allows you to capture and edit screen videos. It is a useful tool for YouTubers who post video tutorials of any kind.

Tracking of Motion
Improve your editing with simple object tracking that anyone can use.

The Green Screen
Change the backgrounds and add special effects to reimagine your world.

Screen Dividers
Multiply your fun by using multiple screens to tell your story in a unique way.

Synchronization on the fly
Align audio and video captured by different cameras in the same scene automatically.

Finally, choose a software that works for your team and your budget, but making high-quality YouTube videos doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are numerous tools that are either free or cost less than $100.

Starting a YouTube channel is the most difficult part. There is a lot of noise on the platform, but there are ways to cut through it. Building a channel with videos that feature smooth video editing, high-resolution images, and clear audio recording will set the bar for the success of your channel.

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