[Tips & Tricks] You Need to Know to Play PUBG Beginner’s Guide

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is the hottest ticket in right now. It sold over 33 million copies on PC last year and has already surpassed 70 million sales across all platforms. So it’s no surprise that everyone is attempting to replicate PUBG’s Battle Royale-style gameplay. What exactly is a “Battle Royale,” and why should you care?

It’s basically a parody of the Japanese movie Battle Royale from the 2000s or, for a more recent example, The Hunger Games. A hundred players are dropped into the world with nothing but their clothes and a parachute, and once there, they scavenge for weapons and gear and fight to be the last one standing.

It may appear intimidating, but don’t be alarmed. Here are our survival tips for this kill-or-be-killed game.

Beginner PUBG Tips and Tricks

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know before you start playing.

Recognize the Point

So every shooter game has the same objective, right? Not always, of course. The goal of PUBG is to survive. That is your ultimate goal, whether it is camping or fighting. Outlive everyone by any means necessary (so to speak, we mean in the game). PUBG has a ranking system for each season, with those who complete kills, assists, and personal placement objectives remaining alive.

If you intend to camp the entire time, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the game does not support this. Another aspect of PUBG is that it forces players to collaborate. We’ll go over this in more detail later, but in general, it’s best to get to the weapons and medical supplies as soon as possible without being killed.

Recognize When to Drop

Every PUBG game begins with all 100 players crammed into a transport plane that takes a random path across the map. The first big decision is deciding when and where to drop, which can easily determine whether you’ll last 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Once you’ve jumped, you have two options: dive as fast as you can for towns, cities, and military bases to find the best guns and gear, or try to get as far away from the plane’s flight path as possible to scavenge remote buildings in peace and quiet. In any case, try to be aware of other people parachuting in around you and be prepared to fight if they get too close.

Always look for the necessities.

As soon as you land, you must go in search of weapons and equipment to help you survive. Everything in buildings can be found on the floor, so don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. You’ll want to get the necessities as soon as possible, but what you find is always subject to chance. Sometimes you’ll come across a building full of high-end gear, and other times you’ll be lucky to find a pistol.

PUBG also has a good arsenal of weapons, ranging from sniper and assault rifles to submachine guns, shotguns, and pistols. Because you can carry two main guns and a pistol, you should choose two guns that are diametrically opposed, such as a sniper rifle and a submachine gun. You’ll also need ammo for each, which is usually found near the gun. Most guns can also be enhanced with accessories such as red-dot sights, foregrips, and extended magazines.

Aside from guns, you’ll need a backpack to carry more gear, as well as a helmet and protective vest to absorb damage. Health kits are also necessary for healing after a fight, and there are several grenades to be aware of.

Select Your Fights

The most important aspect of surviving in PUBG is knowing when to fight, as well as being aware of your surroundings. If someone is firing at you from a distance, you should run for cover rather than fight. On the other hand, sniping someone with a gun without enough range is pointless. At 200m, an SMG is useless.

It’s also worth noting that every shot fired can be heard from a long distance away, revealing your location. If you have surround-sound headphones or use Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for spatial audio, you’ll be able to pinpoint distant gunfire in PUBG. Of course, the decision to run towards the action or simply wait for it to resolve itself is ultimately yours.

Maintain a safe zone (and stay out of the red zone!)

PUBG, like other Battle Royale games, divides the map into a Safe Zone, a Red Zone, and a life-threatening danger zone. The Safe Zone is represented on the map by a blue line that gradually constricts, bringing people into a smaller playing area over time. If you get caught on the wrong side of this blue barrier, your health will slowly deplete, and you don’t want it to reach zero.

Keep an eye out for the Red Zones that appear on the map as well. Artillery fire will bombard the ground here, making survival unlikely. If you find yourself in a Red Zone, try to get out as quickly as possible. If that seems impossible, seek refuge in nearby buildings to wait out the bombardment.

Those fleeing the encroaching Safe Zone border or Red Zone bombardments should be aware that vehicles make a lot of noise, so choose your escape route carefully!

Understand PUBG’s Odd Control System

Whether you’re playing on Xbox One or PC, PUBG has some peculiar controls that you’ll have to get used to if you want to succeed. Here are a few of the most important to remember:

On a PC, the right mouse button is used to aim the sights. To activate it on Xbox One, quickly pull the left trigger.

On a PC, holding down the right mouse button activates an over-the-shoulder view. Holding the left trigger on the Xbox One activates this view.

Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard to activate a free-look camera that won’t interfere with your movement. Holding the right shoulder button on the Xbox One activates this.

By pressing the B key on your keyboard or the left button on your Xbox One D-pad, you can change the rate of fire of your gun.

Fortunately, PUBG allows you to remap controls on PC, and Xbox One now has a “Type B” control system that allows you to hold the left trigger to activate iron sights instead of shifting your view over the shoulder. It’s also a good idea to memorize your inventory as well as the inventory navigation controls so you can dive in and reorganize while you’re on the go.

Collaborate with Friends

Being a lone wolf in PUBG is awesome, but you can also play in a duo or a squad of up to four. Collaboration does not dilute your experience; on the contrary, it enhances it. In fact, it significantly alters how PUBG feels because you’ll be attempting to jump out of a plane together, share resources, and call out other groups you’ve spotted along the way. You can also revive each other after being knocked out, giving you a better chance of survival.

There is strength in numbers, but your adversaries will most likely be more organized as well…

Always keep an eye on your replays.

A great replay and the Killcam feature have been included in PUBG since version 1.0 on PC. You’ll gain a lot of insight from watching these replays, from seeing how you were taken out to learning how other players handle certain situations. You could even use it to relive the moment you received your first Chicken Dinner!

Boosting Your PUBG

When playing any game, there is a lot to keep in mind, and PUBG is no exception. Keep these pointers in mind as you play, and you’ll be climbing the leaderboards in no time.

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