Tips for Facing the Buzzwole Raid in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO trainers can get ready to face the Ultra Beast with this guide to its weaknesses and counters.

Ultra Beasts were an intriguing addition to the Pokemon franchise when they were first introduced, but regardless of opinions about them in other games, there is no denying that they have a significant impact on the metagame in Pokemon GO. Most trainers want to take the time to battle and encounter all of them so they can store their Pokedex entries for future use.

Trainers will need to do their homework before they try to beat an Ultra Beast and get a reward from an encounter in Pokemon GO. It will be much easier for players to complete Ultra Beast Battle Raids if they take the time to learn the weaknesses of each Beast beforehand. In the case of Buzzwole, this means exploiting its twofold to Flying-type moves.

Buzzwole’s dual pairing grants it a number of intriguing weaknesses, but the 2x Flying-type blind spot is where players will want to concentrate when assembling a formidable counter-team. Those who enter the battle with a group of allies and a roster of powerful Flying-types that have been fortified with Stardust and Candy will likely have an easier time defeating this boss.

Buzzwole Weaknesses

Buzzwole is a Bug- and Fairy-type Ultra Beast Raid Boss, making it twice as susceptible to Flying-type moves and vulnerable to Fairy-, Fire-, and Psychic-type moves.

Best Buzzwole Counters

Wing Attack/Sky Attack Moltres

Rayquaza – Air Slash/Tropical Cyclone

Braviary – Air Slash/Dangerous Bird

Yveltal – Gust/Tropical Storm

Tornadus – Air Slash/Tropical Cyclone

Staraptor – Wing Assault/Courageous Bird

Tornadus (Incarnate) – Wind Slash/Tornado

Honchkrow – Peck/Sky Attack

Tornadus (Therian) – Wind/Tropical Cyclone

Unfezant – Sky Attack/Air Slash

Charge Beam/Drill Peck: Zapdos

Extrasensory/Brave Bird Ho-Oh

Mewtwo – Confusion/Psychic Attack

Toucannon – Drill/Peck Drill

Lugia – Extrasensory/Aeroblast

This should be all the information trainers require to assemble a respectable roster for Buzzwole Ultra Beast Battle Raids in the mobile AR game. Consider that it may be worthwhile to expend some Elite TMs in order to equip the counter roster with optimal move sets for this battle. The majority of these counter options are fairly evergreen, and future counter rosters would likely benefit from the investment.

Check back soon for a lot more news, guides, and updates about Pokemon GO. Trainers, until then, best of luck out there!

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