The old cities in Minecraft could be hiding a new dimension.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

The new Warden was the main focus of Minecraft’s The Wild Update, but the game’s old cities may hold more secrets that players haven’t found yet.

The old cities in Minecraft could be hiding a new dimension

Even though the Minecraft 1.19 update had a lot to unpack, players think Mojang is quietly getting ready for an even bigger update in the future. Even though the update added the Warden, one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, the new deep dark biome and ancient city structures added to the game’s mystique. People talk about where these ancient cities came from, how they got overrun by sculk, and why they seem to have been built with the Warden in mind.

The answer to these questions may lie in a future Minecraft update that introduces an entirely new dimension. While nothing official has been confirmed, fans have pointed to peculiar details in the ancient cities of the deep dark that appear to support this theory. Given that these updates are still relatively new, it is possible that Minecraft will expand beyond the Nether and Overworld dimensions in the near future.

A New Minecraft Portal Covertly Hidden

A New Minecraft Portal Covertly Hidden

Ancient cities in the deep dark offer great loot potential for players who can traverse sculk-infested terrain at high risk. However, players quickly noticed that one structure in particular dominated the ancient city: what appeared to be a statue of the Warden’s face. This structure is impossible to miss, as it is lit from below with blue fire and is built atop a secret redstone room that is frequently worth looting.

Players have noticed that this Warden’s mouth looks like a Nether portal as well as an homage to the Warden. The mouth is made of reinforced deep slate, a completely unique block type that is currently unobtainable through crafting or mining, even with silk touch enchantments. Some players think that the mouth is a portal based on these details and the fact that there is burning soul sand under the building.

Environmental structures in Minecraft are intended to subtly educate players. Throughout the Overworld, for instance, there are ruined Nether portals containing chests containing gold equipment and items that generate fire, such as fire charges. Without telling the player explicitly what to do, Minecraft leaves the player to figure out how to proceed. With the “portal” to the ancient city, the game may receive an update to tie everything together.

What a New Minecraft Dimension Might Involve

Given that the Nether has existed since the earliest days of Minecraft, players have developed their own concepts and mods to introduce new Minecraft dimensions, with the Aether as the Nether’s opposite realm being a popular example. Undoubtedly, players recognize the potential of a new dimension and hope that it will be added in the future.

Some have theorized that the fact that a new portal-shaped structure exists only in ancient cities and sculk-infested biomes suggests a connection to the new dimension. Similar to how netherrack and lava can be observed around defunct Nether portals, it is possible that these inactive portals are the reason why ancient cities are abandoned deep underground. The portal may have been the means by which the sculk and the Warden entered the Overworld, indicating that the new dimension is sculk-based.

The new dimension could pave the way for more mobs inspired by the Wardens that rely on sound rather than sight, as well as introduce new building and crafting materials, such as different Minecraft wood types for new color shades or equipment beyond netherite. New buildings that look like those in the old city could also be built, giving rise to new legends. Adding a new dimension with greater risks and rewards would be a great way to build on the idea of the deep dark biome’s stealth and sound mechanics.

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