The Minecraft developer puts Steve’s hair back on his head.

Mojang decides to give Steve his facial back because Minecraft is such an iconic game that its male protagonist has become an icon himself.

The Minecraft developer puts Steve’s hair back on his head

Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games ever made for many different reasons. It is for people of all ages, has a simple but distinct look, and a relaxing soundtrack. It is also about the fact that you can be creative in any way you want. Essentially, the game is about appreciating the small things in life. Obviously, Minecraft would be nothing without Steve and Alex, two iconic characters. The first one was the game’s original main character, and the creators recently decided to give him a classic look.

According to PCGamesN, a new default restores Steve’s facial hair. On Twitter, the game’s art director Jasper Boerstra expressed satisfaction that fans are pleased with the beard’s return. A Reddit image juxtaposes the two Steves, one with his long-standing clean-shaven appearance and the other with his new-yet-old appearance. In general, it appears that players are pleased with Mojang’s decision to reintroduce his beard in Minecraft.

Alex and Steve are both important parts of Minecraft. Players can take on the blocky looks of either character or change their skins in any way they want. While the latter has been a part of the game since its inception in 2009, the former was added in 2014. Both were also featured in the 2020 releases of Super Smash Bros. and Minecraft Dungeons. According to the above Reddit post, Alex’s skin hasn’t changed much because she still has long hair and a green shirt. However, her hair has changed a little bit.

There are additional images on Reddit.

With these two default characters, players can explore as much of Mojang’s sandbox world as possible or engage in a variety of activities. Even bored Minecraft players can find something to do, such as constructing a new home outside of the Overworld, searching for axolotls, hunting for achievements, or hunting down and slaying the Ender Dragon.

It is not surprising that Minecraft has nearly infinite replayability for this reason alone. The only real limitation is the player’s own creativity. And if the nearly endless vanilla experience isn’t enough, there are numerous mods, skins, and general texture packs available to give it a facelift. The fact that Mojang has reinstated Steve’s facial hair suggests that the developer is attempting to keep the game close to what made it unique in the first place.

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