The hostile mobs in Minecraft should interact more frequently.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

This is how Minecraft’s mobs usually work, but changing this could open up a lot of possibilities for future updates.

The hostile mobs in Minecraft should interact more frequently

Minecraft is a game that keeps getting bigger and better, with regular updates and the release of new mods that can completely change how even the simplest tasks are done. From the many blocks available to the breathtaking views of the procedurally generated world, the game is packed with things for players to do and places for people to explore. However, one of the aspects of Minecraft that brings the world to life is the many mobs, both passive and hostile, that are especially useful for progression and make the overall objectives that the players have more challenging.

The hostile mobs of Minecraft are fairly complex even though most of them only have one thing in mind: kill the player by any means possible. Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, and Spiders, among others, each have their own unique method of attacking and traversing the world, making them unpredictable for novice players and a nuisance for more experienced ones. However, there is a general lack of interactions between these mobs, taking away from the complexity of them and making encounters with them grow stale.

Existing Hostile Group Interactions

There are currently interactions between mobs in Minecraft, such as attacking, frightening, and riding. The most frequent interaction occurs when a skeleton or zombie is accidentally hit by another hostile mob, causing the two hostile mobs to attack each other and making it easier for players to handle mob groups. When a wolf encounters a skeleton, it immediately attacks and attempts to kill it, making them the ideal companions for players exploring the world.

There are a few additional interactions, including skeletons riding spiders, baby zombies riding chickens, and even baby zombies riding other zombies. Certain hostile mobs, such as the Wither and the Warden, are hostile to all forms of life and will attack any hostile mob they encounter. While these interactions give the mobs personality, certain mobs, such as the Enderman, do not have any interactions with other mobs, leaving the door open for a future update to include this.

What Interactions Should Be Made Between Groups?

One interaction that should be added to the game is the ability for witches to buff other hostile mobs with potions. For instance, if the player encounters a witch and a zombie, the witch should throw a potion of strength at the zombie, making dealing with witches somewhat more difficult and dangerous. It would give players more incentive to keep those types of mobs at their base if zombies had a mob that either directly attacks them, like wolves do with skeletons, or frightens them away, like cats and creepers.

The pillagers are one of the most complicated enemies in the game, as they will systematically attack nearby villages and wandering players. Pillagers should be able to force other mobs, such as witches and creepers, to fight for them, making raids more difficult and rewarding. Finally, zombie villagers should always be accompanied by regular zombies, so that when a player discovers a zombie villager, regular zombies are not far behind. This would make the game more realistic.

Interactions between mobs should be prevalent in Minecraft, as it not only gives these mobs more personality but also encourages players to exploit these interactions for their own gain. Each of the many hostile mobs has its own purpose, but giving them different ways to interact with each other can make the game more interesting for players and can also lead to the creation of many automated farms. Mobs are the beating heart of any Minecraft world, and giving them more complex interactions would go a long way toward making Minecraft feel even livelier than it does now.

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