The Gorosei Begin Dissecting Gear 6 Luffy in Front of Im Sama, Saturn’s Purpose of Kidnapping Vegapunk To Research Sun God Nika?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2023)

Gorosei Saturn finally made it out of Egghead Island.

Interestingly, Gorosei Saturn only left Egghead alone, without bringing Admiral Kizaru with him.

Allegedly the arrival of Gorosei Saturn to Egghead, only to observe the extent of the power of God Nika Luffy, without having to fight him.

Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru, who accompanied Gorosei Saturn to Egghead, was only rewarded with a betrayal.

Then what kind of betrayal did Admiral Kizaru experience?

The betrayal came from none other than Gorosei Saturn.

Kizaru’s involvement in Erc Egghead turns out to have been designed in such a way by Gorosei Saturn.

This was proven, because when he arrived at Egghead Kizaru was immediately confronted by Luffy and Zoro who had been waiting for his arrival.

Luffy and Zoro immediately welcomed the arrival of Kizaru and Gorosei Saturn by inviting them to a duel.

Initially, Luffy’s main target was Saturn, but when he was about to attack, Luffy was immediately intercepted by Kizaru with his light sword.

Kizaru seemed unable to bear this Gorosei elder being treated in such a disrespectful way.

Because of this obstacle, Gorosei Saturn immediately ordered Kizaru to attack Luffy completely and mercilessly.

Kizaru and Luffy’s fight was inevitable.

Kizaru immediately released his light power and attacked Luffy and Zoro.

Luffy, who was quite furious with Kizaru’s treatment, immediately released his God Nika power.

Nika God Luffy immediately bombarded Kizaru to no mercy.

Kizaru’s strength and speed of light cannot match the power of Luffy’s Sun God Nika.

Gorosei Saturn who saw that, immediately became silent and got goosebumps.

Saturn even glared at how Luffy managed to awaken Gear 6 from his Nika devil fruit.

In a state of urgency, Luffy also imagines being a terrible figure.

There is also a prediction that in this desperate situation, Luffy can still concentrate and is preparing to awaken Gear 6.

Indeed, the power of Nika Luffy’s devil fruit lies in Luffy’s imagination. So, whatever kind of person Luffy can become.

Interestingly in that battle, Gorosei Saturn only paid attention and studied Luffy’s Gear 6 technique.

Saturn just kept ordering Kizaru to try his hardest to fight Luffy.

Indeed, there are several predictions that state that the arrival of Gorosei Saturn to Egghead is not only to take away the Seraphim.

The arrival of Gorosei Saturn is also suspected to see the form of God Nika Luffy or most recently Gear 6 Luffy which he managed to resurrect.

Why did Gorosei Saturn need to intervene? This is because it would be very difficult if only Admiral Kizaru came there to retrieve the Seraphim.

Unfortunately, for the mission to steal the power of God Nika Luffy, Gorosei Saturn fully surrendered to Kizaru.

Many believe that Gorosei Saturn will not take that stupid decision to fight Luffy, especially in the Gear 6 mode that he managed to awaken, apart from watching first and learning.

Nika is not just any devil fruit, so it takes strategy and how to attack properly, and this is very well understood by Gorosei Saturn. Eaten he did not want to take that stupid step.

What does this have to do with Vegapunk?

It is known, Oda himself has not confirmed how powerful Gorosei Saturn is.

But when viewed from his physical appearance, Saturn was one of the great fighters who triumphed at that time, even today almost no one can beat him.

Perhaps, Gorosei Saturn’s power is the same as Kizaru’s strength, namely the speed of light.

It could be that after successfully observing and learning Luffy’s Gear 6 technique, Saturn uses his light power and, quickly takes back the Seraphim and moves directly to the base where Im Sama is.

However, it is predicted that not only Seraphim will be brought by Gorosei Saturn, but there will also be a Vegapunk figure there.

Vegapunk also participated in the Gorosei Saturn kidnapping.

It’s possible that Saturn’s reason for bringing Vegapunk was none other than to research what Saturn had learned.

Vegapunk’s involvement is needed by Im Sama in researching Gear 6 Luffy which Gorosei Saturn has successfully observed.

Maybe, only by using the brain and research of a great scientist like Vegapunk, Im Sama thinks he can beat Luffy.

The Gorosei and Vegapunk immediately dissected Luffy’s Gear 6 which was the result of Saturn’s monitoring in front of Im Sama.

But again, we should never forget Nika Luffy’s strength.

Nika Luffy’s strength lies in her imagination, and at any time, if Luffy keeps imagining and imagining something, it could become a reality.

So even if Gear 6 Luffy is successfully researched by Vegapunk, it is not certain that Luffy will fall and join the World Government in the future.

Luffy could just keep awakening his strength, at this time it’s Gear 6, maybe in the future there will be Gear 7, Gear 8 and so on.

Luffy can imagine as much as he wants until he gets his final goal, namely the One Piece treasure. ***

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