The glitch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes NPCs invisible.

People who play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are finding more and more bugs. The most recent one makes an invisible.

Recently, a new bug was found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that made an NPC invisible. So far, the launch of the game has been pretty disappointing, as it has been slow and has a lot of bugs. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the ninth generation of Pokemon video games, and online fan responses have been mixed. With such high expectations, Nintendo has a significant amount of work to do to regain the confidence of its large fanbase.

Fans are currently requesting refunds for the most recent entry because they do not enjoy it. Interestingly, according to a Reddit post, Nintendo appears to be refunding players who pre-ordered a digital version via the Nintendo eShop. Other gamers are review bombing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. However, despite receiving the worst reviews of any Pokemon game in the series, it was the fastest-selling game in Nintendo’s history. According to a recent press release from Nintendo, more than ten million copies were sold in only three days.

ShokaLGBT, a current Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player and Reddit user, posted a video of a glitch in which a ghost NPC carrying a shopping bag walks through an egg-hatching cutscene. It is one of the more amusing glitches discovered during gameplay, as it appears to be an invisible NPC going about its business. As this glitch demonstrates, there appears to be no end in sight for the unique and hilarious glitches that players are discovering, despite the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were just released.

Despite the numerous bugs and sluggishness, some players enjoy playing the most recent Pokemon game. Those fans who stream Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on are unfortunately subject to DMCA violations. This is because Ed Sheeran performed a song in the game. Even though ShokaLGBT isn’t experiencing streaming strikes, they aren’t the only ones affected by an NPC bug. Other players also observed NPCs acting strangely in the background. Another Reddit user pointed out that during a recent battle, an NPC trainer was only visible due to an eerie floating Pokeball.

Nintendo has not yet formally announced any planned updates. There are, however, a lot of changes that fans would like to see made as soon as possible to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Fixing bugs and putting out a new update are probably the top priorities for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company right now.

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