The Giant Mob in Minecraft should get a second chance as an Overworld Boss.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Minecraft’s overworld doesn’t have a boss fight like the Ender Dragon, but the long-lost, huge mob could be a good challenge.

The Giant Mob in Minecraft should get a second chance as an Overworld Boss

Mojang has taken away a number of Minecraft mobs over the years. These include a number of humanoid creatures that existed before villagers and a giant zombie-like mob that roamed the overworld. Humanoids probably don’t belong in the game anymore. Villagers do a good job of representing humans in the overworld, and many of Mojang’s old ideas, like Pigmen, have been turned into other mobs. However, the giant may not be trapped in the past. As before, this humongous zombie may still have a place in Minecraft as a new overworld boss.

Minecraft’s relationship with boss mobs is peculiar. Mojang has not significantly expanded the list of Minecraft boss mobs beyond the Ender Dragon and the Wither. The Ender Dragon has been a major objective for many years, while the Wither provides a more obscure, explosive challenge. Fans are not intended to battle this Deep Dark guardian, despite the fact that The Warden is the closest thing to an opponent in recent memory. To provide overworld explorers with a new challenge that does not require a trip to the Nether or the End, Mojang could consider reworking the old giant concept into a creature that can be fought or outwitted while traversing the world map.

How Minecraft Might Include Giants

If Mojang wanted to add giants to the overworld, it would likely need to rework the mob’s visuals, despite the fact that giants are well-known for their oversized Minecraft zombie appearance. Although it worked at the time, a giant zombie is not a particularly creative concept. Mojang may instead draw inspiration from classical depictions of giants to make them appear more humanoid, possibly even resembling villagers or bandits. A towering new mob with a Norse flavor could be a great way to spice up some of Minecraft’s biomes, especially if the giants gain special abilities based on their location, such as a frost giant in a tundra that slows down players.

Giants would also be an excellent opportunity to introduce a new game structure. An overworld boss mob would ideally stay in one location so that players know where to find it, rather than wandering, so Mojang could introduce a new giant fortress or camp for players to explore by reinventing giants. A giant-themed structure could also provide an exciting new stealth challenge for the overworld; players could sneak through a giant fortress in search of Minecraft loot items while avoiding a boss fight, or they could simply attack the giant head-on.

Giants could also enable Mojang to create valuable new loot. For instance, giants may drop weapons with unique Minecraft enchantments that cannot be obtained from villagers or enchanting tables, possibly based on the biome of the giant’s home. Giants could also provide players with a new material, such as a weaker alternative to Netherite that modifies iron armor rather than diamond armor. There may already be a number of generated structures with exclusive items in the overworld, but a boss-focused structure would be a first for Minecraft.

Overall, it is evident that Mojang could benefit greatly from a new implementation of this unused Minecraft mob. It would be a great challenge for both single-player and multiplayer worlds, giving players a boss to fight before going after the Ender Dragon or calling up the Wither. Mojang hasn’t said that making changes to giants is a top priority, but giants could still be part of a future update. The developer has promised a number of updates to legacy content, like reworking Minecraft’s oldest biomes, so maybe it will also look into the game’s less well-known features from the past. If Mojang is willing to put in the effort, Minecraft’s giants could be extremely profitable for the company.

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