The Best Places to Drop in Call of Duty Warzone 2’s New Map

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Warzone 2 is now available, which means that Al Mazrah, the game’s new battle royale map, will soon be accessible to players. Consequently, these players will seek out the best new drop locations on the map.

The Best Places to Drop in Call of Duty Warzone 2’s New Map

As is typical for battle royale games, the best drop points in Warzone 2 depend on your personal preferences, the situation, and the timing. If, for example, you are flying into the northern portion of the map, it may not be worthwhile to wait for an ideal drop point in the south.

This is why I’ve included a series of optimal drop locations throughout the majority of the Warzone 2 map. Listed below are the drop points that will hopefully assist you in achieving that elusive Warzone 2 victory, wherever you may fly.

The Quarry

The Quarry, which is essentially a modified version of the fan-favorite Call of Duty map of the same name, is one of Warzone 2’s most intriguing landing zones.

The Quarry is located near an off-limits area, which immediately removes one area from your line of sight. It is also located between two other popular drop locations, so you may get lucky if all the other players go to those locations and leave Quarry alone.

Even in a gunfight, Quarry provides distinct high-ground advantages and opportunities for close-quarters combat. It’s not the best location for loot, but it’s a fantastic tactical position that provides a variety of rotation and defensive options.

North Side of Al Mazrah City

Clearly, the vast city of Al Mazrah is filled with loot. However, it will also be populated by players willing to risk everything in pursuit of the loot. This means that the majority of drops directly into Al Mazrah City will either quickly end the game or provide the necessary cash and equipment to win the match.

Consider jumping into the north side of the city, just outside the main metropolitan area, to reduce the risk of this high-risk fall. Not only are the buildings in that location filled with loot, but they also allow you to safely turn your back on an off-limits area.

You may have to contend with rotating squads from the nearby Taraq Village, but the objective is to obtain as much equipment as possible and eliminate the Al Mazrah City combat survivors. With some loot luck, you should be in good shape from there on out.

Sawah Village

The remote location of Sawah Village is both its greatest asset and its greatest liability. Typically, this would make it a “safe, but unspectacular” battle royale drop point that should be avoided by those seeking to outlive other players rather than hunt them.

However, Sawah Village enjoys a few deceptive advantages. First and foremost, it contains the most loot in that region of the map. Second, it affords you ample space to rotate towards more crowded drop locations as soon as the combat has concluded there.

Until you are able to rotate, you can also take advantage of the Village’s natural defensive structures and the fact that it is typically not that congested. It is also located close to a Stronghold spawn point, which is obviously a tremendous advantage for the right team.

Sarrif Bay

Again, Sarrif Bay initially appears less desirable than some of the alternative drop-off locations in its vicinity. However, the Bay is a much better drop-off location than you may believe.

Not only does the Bay provide ideal routes to the Aiport or the Fortress (two of the most popular drop points and loot locations), but you can also take advantage of the high ground when approaching these locations. Moreover, there is a surprising quantity of loot in this general area, which becomes even more valuable if you are one of the few squads to choose this location as your drop point.

While the location of this position places you at a significant risk of being suddenly surrounded if the circles don’t break in the right way, it still offers a nice balance between “safe” and “profitable.”


The Observatory is not suitable for the faint of heart. It’s as high-risk as a high-risk drop point can get, what with its treasure trove of loot and its location somewhere near the center of the map.

The reason I’m emphasizing this drop point over its high-risk alternatives is because securing the Observator provides the best opportunity to win the rest of the game. The Observatory offers some of the most advantageous high-ground advantages in Warzone 2. It is nearly impossible to sneak up on a squad that has secured this position early.

Consider dropping into the Observatory and rolling the dice for a massive advantage, unless you wish to completely avoid high-risk drops (or the circles break in an extremely unfriendly manner).

Taraq Village

The northern portion of the Warzone 2 map doesn’t offer a great deal of tactical advantages, but Taraq Village would likely remain the region’s best drop point even if there were more competition.

In contrast to nearby Rohan Oil, Taraq Village is a spacious area that allows you to employ a variety of positional strategies based on the early loot you obtain. As stated previously, the Village also provides some of the only substantial loot in the vicinity. Again, it is virtually your only option if you wish to (or are forced to) land in that region.

In addition, the Village provides easy access to several hotspots when it is safe to do so. This location’s perimeter even provides a high-ground view of Al Mazrah City, which is ideal for those who find a sniper rifle and wish to begin picking off survivors.

Outside of Al Sharim Pass

The entire region surrounding Ahkdar Village is typically a hotspot of death and rapidly depleting loot. If you must land in this region, the best place to do so is in the small “suburbs” to the east of Al Sharim Pass.

This small cluster of buildings near the out-of-bounds zone is a much better drop location than it appears at first glance. It’s not only one of the safest locations in the area, but it also offers a variety of loot and vantage points from which you can defend your position or scout the next area.

In all honesty, I could see this becoming a deceptively effective starting point for the majority of players. Unless the zones break in a way that forces you to awkwardly pivot to dangerous areas, this location should serve as an excellent launching point for numerous successful pushes.

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