The Best Free Online Games Multi-Player you can play with Friends Anywhere

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Do you want to play free online games with your friends? Here are the best browser-based two-player online multiplayer games.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for free online games to play with your friends. These games can be played for two people online locally, using the same computer, or even from completely different cities.

Online games multi player you can play with friends anywhere
Online games multi player you can play with friends anywhere

These online multiplayer games require only a browser window. They really can’t be beat for good, clean fun.

Online games can be the perfect way to bring friends together. Whether you’re sharing a computer with a friend or playing from entirely different locations, there are various games to choose from. Some require you to compete against each other, some to collaborate, but all of them are endlessly fun and, best of all, free.

Free Online 2-Player Games for Multiple Computers
Physical distance will not prevent you and your friend from joining forces for a fun virtual hangout where playing games is expected. Here are some two-player games in which you can compete against a friend using different computers.

Battleship Online

Battleship is an all-time favorite and a classic board game that will never go out of fashion. Friends who can’t get together for a thrilling match will be relieved to learn that they can play Battleship online for free.

The online version is faithful to the original. You’ll be given a grid on which to build your fleet of warships. Instead of saying the letter and number of the square, simply click on your opponent’s grid to try to figure out where their ships are. The game continues until one of you runs out of ships.

This game is not only entertaining and competitive, but it is also very convenient. You are not required to create an account. Simply start the game and invite your friend by sending the link shown on the right. If your friend is taking too long, you can play a friendly game against a random opponent from anywhere in the world.

  • No registration is required.
  • A maximum of two players are permitted.
  • Players take turns playing.
  • Play online with friends on different computers. is a good option if you prefer working together rather than fiercely competing against each other.

The idea is simple: have your friend solve a massive jigsaw puzzle. The game includes thousands of high-quality images, giving you and your friend plenty of options. The puzzles vary in difficulty and number of pieces, so you can keep the game interesting by gradually challenging yourself and your friend.

You must log in to play the game, but you can use your Google account to expedite the process. After that, choose a puzzle and click the “Invite” button to invite your friend.


There is nothing like 1v1 browser games based on chess for engaging in a battle of wits. If you want to quickly jump into a game with a real person without even signing up, Lichess is possibly the best browser chess game to choose.

The graphics are visually appealing, and you can experiment with different time intervals. There’s also a chatroom, game modes (such as Chess960, Antichess, and King of the Hill), and an analysis board. Our favorite feature is the ability to request that a move be reversed, which is especially useful when playing a game with friends.

  • No registration is required.
  • A maximum of two players are permitted.
  • Players take turns playing.
  • Play online with friends on different computers.

Speed Sudoku

Sudoku is a fun and challenging brainteaser that requires only a piece of paper and a pencil to play. Furthermore, it is usually played alone.

Speed Sudoku, the online version of the game, raises the stakes by introducing a competitive element. Simply put, you compete with your friend to see who can solve their Sudoku puzzle the fastest. While playing, you can see your opponent’s progress to increase the pressure.

To begin one of these fast-paced games, you must first sign up, but the process is simple. After you’ve created a new game, invite a friend and get ready to sharpen your mind and think quickly.

Ludo King

The old board game Ludo has become an internet sensation, and the best app to play it on is Ludo King.

It includes a variety of ways to play with friends. You can play with friends on a different computer or mobile app, or you can play locally on the same computer. You can even browse the internet while your friends use the Ludo King app.

Ludo is a simple dice-based game; you’ll learn the rules quickly. The goal is for your four pins to travel from the starting point to your “house.” You’ll kill friends’ pins by landing on the same square they’re on while avoiding their attempts to catch you.

Only through Facebook can you play Ludo King in a browser. You’ll need a Facebook account, which will also allow you to find Facebook friends who are also playing the game. You can also use the app to invite friends who aren’t on Facebook.

  • A Facebook account is required.
  • A maximum of four players are permitted.
  • Players engage in concurrent play.
  • Play online with friends on different computers, or play locally with friends.

Play Online Games with Friends on the Same Computer

Meeting your friend in person opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can talk, study together, play music, or watch a movie together. Alternatively, you can turn on your computer, pull up a chair, and challenge a friend to one of these addicting games.

These two-player browser games pit you against a friend while both of you are using the same computer.

8 Ball Billiards Classic

The game is called 8 Ball Billiards Classic (8BBC), but it is simply virtual pool. You take turns playing and must pocket either stripes or solids depending on which type you first sink into a hole. Despite being a mouse-based game, it’s surprisingly simple to play on a laptop touchpad.

First, use the guideline indicators to align the shot. Then, move the mouse to the strength meter and pull back the stick to the desired amount of power. It’s one of the best free pool games to play online with friends.

Fireboy and Watergirl

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably heard of this game. Fireboy and Watergirl have taken over the world, and no one can seem to get enough of this game, despite the fact that it can be quite frustrating at times.

To complete a level, you must collaborate with a friend to navigate a maze. Of course, as the levels progress, so does the tension in the air. The further you progress, the less likely it is that you will be able to complete a level without the assistance of a friend, and vice versa.

Fireboy is unable to enter the water, and Watergirl’s adversary is the scorching lava. So, whenever these block your path, the other player will have to press a button or move a door to assist in resolving that room.


Fireballs resembling comets are falling from the sky. You take the role of the blue or red square smiley on the ground. To avoid being burned to a crisp, move left and right. Isn’t it simple? You could be surprised. In any case, it’s a lot of fun.

The two-player competition makes it difficult. Because your opponent cannot go beyond you, you must use your character to push or block them as a fireball rains down on them. It’s a deliciously evil game, and one of our favorite two-player online games to play when you need to settle a score.

Bomb It

Bomb It is a variation on the well-known Bomberman game. Depending on the mode, you can play against a friend or work together to defeat AI enemies.

Strategically placing bombs around the room to destroy obstacles and kill your enemies is part of the gameplay. You will be rewarded with various power-ups as you destroy obstacles. These power-ups can allow you to place more bombs, have a larger explosion, go through walls, be invincible, and do a variety of other things.

When you kill your enemies, whether they are your friends or the opposing team, the level is completed. However, be cautious because any fire, friendly or otherwise, has the potential to kill you. The same is true if you are touched by your adversary.

Money Movers

Want to solve puzzles in a more dynamic environment? Here comes Money Movers.

In this exciting game, you and a friend take on the roles of two brothers whose ultimate goal is to escape from prison. To successfully complete this jailbreak, you must avoid or incapacitate the guards and devise clever ways to avoid various traffic jams.

Each brother possesses unique abilities. The older brother is larger but less agile, whereas the younger brother is quick and can jump high. To complete each level, you must collaborate and combine the abilities of both players.

Some levels are difficult to complete, so prepare yourself with patience and persistence before embarking on this wild adventure with your friend.

After you finish the game, you might like the sequels: Money Movers 2 and Money Movers 3.


The majority of two-player online games revolve around a 1v1 dynamic. GravShift, on the other hand, is one of those 1v1 browser games that forces you to work together to solve physics-based puzzles. Each player controls an on-screen character using the W, S, A, D keys and the arrow keys.

In each level, you must move the characters so that all of the buttons are pressed, allowing the portal to the next level to open. You can also change your character’s gravity by using gravity inverting tiles. It all comes down to teamwork and puzzle solving.

Pong 2

Pong 2 is an online version of the classic Pong game. As the ball zips back and forth across the screen, each player controls one paddle on opposite sides of the screen. Pong 2 is one of the best online Pong games due to its highly customizable settings.

You can adjust the ball and paddle speeds for both players; we recommend 15-20 for the ball and 10 for the paddle. You can also change the background and paddle colors.

Simply set a point goal to determine the winner and start playing. The up and down arrow keys are used by one player, while the W and S keys are used by the other.

Steam offers free online two-player games.
If you’ve used Steam before, you’re probably familiar with the platform’s seemingly infinite library of games. While most well-known games are expensive, there are some hidden gems that will cost you exactly $0.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The Counter-Strike series has achieved cult status among shooter video games. Its most recent installment, Global Offensive, is just as addictive as the previous installments. The best part is that it is completely free to play.

This game is a multiplayer first-person shooter in the Counter-Strike series. You and your friend can choose to join either the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists teams, which are naturally pitted against one another.

The game is difficult, but there is always room to learn new things and improve your skills. As a result, no matter how many times you are killed, you will keep coming back.

Fistful of Frags

The Fistful of Frags game will transport you to the Wild West for an exciting game that is the perfect combination of absurdity and tactical skill.

Because this is a period-based game, the setting and weapons are appropriate. This means that the revolvers will load painfully slowly. They will, however, deal significantly more damage than guns in similar shooter games.

If you select the deathmatch mode, you and your friend will compete against each other as well as all of the AI enemies. You can also collaborate and join one of the four teams:

  • Desperados
  • Vigilantes
  • Rangers
  • Banditos

This game will give you a rush of adrenaline as you discover new ways to engage in combat.

We Were Here

If you want to take a break from shooting, join forces with a friend and begin solving puzzles in We Were Here.

In this eerie game, you and your friend begin separated in a castle in a frozen wasteland. You must communicate using a microphone and assist one another in navigating the castle’s rooms. You’ll need to decipher hieroglyphs and experiment with strange mechanisms while relaying the most important findings to your partner. The ultimate goal is to get out of the castle in time and rejoin your friend.

All the games we’ve compiled are wonderfully entertaining on their own. You’re looking at a guaranteed good time when you throw a friend in the mix. It doesn’t matter if you two are adrenaline junkies or puzzle solvers; there’s a game on our list to suit every gaming taste.

Have you ever played games online? What is your favorite 2-player game? Let us know in the comments section below.


All of the games we’ve gathered are incredibly entertaining on their own. When you include a friend, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. There’s a game on our list for every gaming taste, whether you and your partner are adrenaline junkies or puzzle solvers.

Have you ever played online games? What is your favorite two-person game? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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