[Tested] Best Ways How To Heal A Broken Leg In DayZ Beginner’s Guide

DayZ, like all good hardcore survival games, does not let the player act as if nothing happened after an injury. You die if you do not heal in time. Seven years after the game’s initial release, players were given a new type of injury to be concerned about with update 1.10.

Leg fractures must be treated as soon as possible in DayZ (and in real life, for that matter). This guide will help you figure out how to fix this problem and stay alive in the dangerous world of DayZ. Continue reading to learn how to repair a broken leg in the game.

How To Heal A Broken Leg In DayZ

In DayZ, how do you repair a broken leg?

Taking some morphine and pretending your leg doesn’t hurt is no longer an option in DayZ. You’ll need to make a splint instead. Furthermore, when you apply the splint, the fracture does not magically disappear. It gradually heals over time. But enough of that; here are the steps for making a splint:

  1. Gather four rags or one bandage, as well as two short sticks.
  2. Go to your inventory and take out two sticks.
  3. After that, apply the rags or bandage to your hands.
  4. Scroll through the recipes on the crafting table until you find Splint.
  5. Hold down the left mouse button while creating the splint. When you’re finished, the splint will appear in the Vicinity tab. Press and hold the B button on an Xbox. On a PlayStation 4, hold down the circle button.
  6. Wrap the splint around your leg.

While making a splint can help prevent fractures, the wound will not heal unless you reach the following stats:

  1. 2.600
  2. 4.000
  3. 5.000 Blood
  4. 5.000 Health

As a result, you’ll need to get some rest, eat something, and avoid injuries or fights for a while.

In DayZ, How Do Bone Fractures Work?

You might be wondering why you should be concerned about a bone fracture in DayZ if it doesn’t kill you. All you have to do is avoid new injuries and eat and sleep well. The problem is that getting new injuries is far easier when you have a broken bone than when you are healthy. This is why.

Even with a splint, you can’t run with a broken leg. And because you can only walk, enemies will have an easier time catching you. Fortunately, you can still drive and climb over obstacles as long as they are low. That is your only option for avoiding fights.

A morphine injection will only help if your leg injury is not a bone fracture. It improves your health and allows you to run. However, it has no effect on the fractures themselves.

Only when you jump from a certain height do you get a bone fracture. There will be no HP loss or injuries if you jump from a height of up to three meters. Your HP will decrease at a height of four to ten meters. Only if you jump from such a height multiple times in a row will the fracture occur. However, if you jump from a height greater than 10 meters, the fracture is almost unavoidable. However, jumping from more than 14 meters will almost certainly result in death.

You cannot sustain a second bone fracture while recovering from the first. However, applying a bandage in advance will not prevent a fracture from occurring.

Can a Bone Fracture Heal Without a Splint?

Yes, if you meet the following criteria, bone fractures will heal on their own:

  1. 2.600 Water
  2. 4.000 Food
  3. 5.000 Blood
  4. 5.000 Health

However, without a splint, it will take about twice as long. As a result, you have a much higher chance of dying because you will have to avoid new injuries for a longer period of time. This is not an easy task in DayZ. Healing a leg fracture with a splint takes about 30-40 gameplay minutes on average. The procedure can take up to 70-80 minutes without a splint.

Where Should I Get Splint Materials?

We’ve determined that in the case of a bone fracture, a splint should not be overlooked. You’re probably wondering where you can find the materials now. It goes without saying that you can obtain sticks by chopping down trees or bushes. You’ll need to cut some clothes for the rags. But be careful not to freeze to death by sacrificing your last t-shirt. Alternatively, you can look for bandages in medical loot spawns.

Take Precautions

Fixing a bone fracture in DayZ isn’t much different than doing it in real life, which is why we enjoy the game so much. Crawl to a safe location, apply a splint, build a fire, and get some tasty food (or any food you can find). Above all, avoid physical encounters and do not jump from unsafe heights. You wouldn’t do something like this in real life, would you?

What was the most stupid thing you did to get a bone fracture in DayZ? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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