[Strategy Guide] How to get Chorus Fruit in Minecraft (and what it’s used for)

The strange purple chorus fruit is only found in one location in Minecraft. Here is how players can utilize it.

There are countless ways in which Mojang’s sandbox survival game innovates by introducing unusual items, foods, and blocks to spice things up, despite the fact that many aspects of Minecraft mirror the real-world environment. This gives the game its signature fantasy flavor, as well as a touch of RPG flavor.

The purple chorus fruit is among many strange objects such as Blaze Rods, Nether Stars, of the Sea, etc. This is one of the rarest items in the game, a type of food with special properties that can only be found in a single location throughout the entirety of Minecraft.

How To Get Chorus Fruit

Chorus fruit is an endgame item, despite not being the best item in the game. Players will need to access the End islands, which are located away from the central island where the Ender Dragon spawns, by entering the End dimension through a stronghold’s End portal.

Once players have defeated the Ender Dragon, a small bedrock-encased portal will appear on the central island, allowing them to teleport through it by tossing an Ender Pearl into it. Simply avoid missing the Ender Pearl throw and teleporting into the void.

The players will now have spawned near the End islands. Here, they can find an abundance of chorus fruit on bizarre purple trees that resemble thin coral. When these trees are broken, they will drop chorus fruit for the player.

Why Chorus Fruit Is Employed

The chorus fruit appears to be a fairly useless item and a poor food source. However, it has a few intriguing applications that players may find intriguing.

Food and Transport

Consuming chorus fruits restores four hunger points, or two drumsticks on the hunger bar. This is adequate in an emergency, but its poor saturation is the main issue. A single chorus fruit restores only 2.4 points of hunger saturation, whereas a cooked steak restores 12.8 points. This means that chorus fruits are adequate for satisfying hunger but terrible for satisfying saturation. Check out this Minecraft hunger guide for more information on the relationship between these two values.

Consuming a chorus fruit has the amusing effect of teleporting the player, similar to how Endermen randomly teleport. The teleportation range is any horizontal location within eight blocks in any direction, with a maximum height of two blocks. Since this effect is completely random, it can be quite disorienting for players, especially when used in the End, where many of the islands resemble one another.

Construct End Rods and Purpose Blocks

Chorus fruits can be melted in a furnace to create chorus fruit popcorn, a nice homage to popcorn. Popped chorus fruit is used in two essential crafting recipes, including the creation of end rods and blocks.

End Rod: On the crafting table, combine a Blaze Rod and a popped chorus fruit to create an End rod, which emits light in a manner similar to a torch.
Purpur Block: combine four popped chorus fruits in a crafting grid into a 2×2 square to get a purpur block, the same block found in End Cities.
Purpur block variants can be accessed via the stonecutter, in case players are looking for a specific kind of purpur block.

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