{Strategy Guide} Every single recipe for a potion in Minecraft

Potions are a useful idea in Minecraft, but making them can be hard if you don’t know how. Here are all the convenient recipes!

Every single recipe for a potion in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are numerous useful and entertaining RPG-inspired mechanics. In addition to enchantments, players can also create potions. Players can make potions that give them huge advantages in Minecraft by gathering the right ingredients and making a brewing stand. Almost every problem has a solution, from being able to breathe under water to seeing in the dark to poison.

However, Minecraft does not specifically instruct players on how to create these potions. Players can either learn these potion recipes through trial and error, or they can consult this helpful guide. Every Minecraft potion recipe, along with its effects, is listed below. And at the end, players can discover which modifier ingredients they can add to their potions to make them more potent.

In Minecraft, potions have yet to receive a significant update or overhaul. However, after the Caves and Cliffs update and the Wild Update, Minecraft has changed significantly. Because caves are more dangerous than other places, having the right potions on a caving trip or while exploring can make a big difference for players. If players don’t want to use all of their torches to light up dark caves and underwater caverns, they can use Potions of Night Vision and Potions of Water Breathing to explore them. To explore the mysterious deep dark and its ancient cities (and face the Warden), players will need all the potions of regeneration and healing they can get their hands on. Listed below are all of Minecraft’s potions and their respective recipes, with a table that displays each recipe at a glance.

All Potions & Their Ingredients At A Glance

Potion of Fire ResistanceNether WartMagma Cream
Potion of HarmingNether WartSpider EyeFermented Spider Eye
Potion of HealingNether WartGlistening Melon
Potion of InvisibilityNether WartGolden CarrotFermented Spider Eye
Potion of LeapingNether WartRabbit’s Foot
Potion of Night VisionNether WartGolden Carrot
Potion of PoisonNether WartSpider Eye
Potion of RegenerationNether WartGhast Tear
Potion of Slow FallingNether WartPhantom Membrane
Potion of SlownessNether WartSugarFermented Spider Eye
Potion of StrengthNether WartBlaze Powder
Potion of SwiftnessNether WartSugar
Potion of the Turtle MasterNether WartTurtle Shell
Potion of Water BreathingNether WartPufferfish
Potion of WeaknessFermented Spider Eye

How To Make Use Of And Locate A Brewing Stand

Brewing stands are mid-game objects. Typically, players must craft it themselves by traveling to the Nether, locating a Nether Fortress, and gathering Blaze Rods. Villages, igloos with basements, End Cities with ships, and woodland mansions may have brewing stands on occasion. Combine a Blaze Rod with three pieces of any type of stone to create a brewing stand.

The stand for brewing potions requires fuel. To accomplish this, place Blaze Powder in the top-left square to fill the left-hand progress bar. This indicates the available fuel. Brewing stands must be restocked frequently. To begin brewing, collect a number of water-filled glass bottles.

Nether Wart is a required ingredient for the majority of potions in Minecraft, so be sure to have some on hand. It is located within Nether Fortresses. This potion brewing strategy guide is a more comprehensive guide to brewing.

Potion Of Fire Protection


  • Inner Wart
  • Magma Cream
    Combining a bottle of water with Nether Wart will provide total immunity to fire damage. Then, add Magma Cream. Combine a Slime Ball from a Slime with Blaze Powder from a Blaze to create Magma Cream. Magma Cream can also be obtained from Magma Cubes in the Nether. Magma Cubes are abundant in biomes of the Delta.

Best Application Of Fire Resistance Elixirs

Potions of fire resistance are required to enter the Nether. During the potion’s effects, players won’t have to worry about falling into lava or walking into a fire. It is especially useful when mining ancient debris at low elevations in the Nether, where lava can seemingly erupt out of nowhere.

Potion Of Injury


  • Inner Wart
  • Spider Eye
  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Optional: Firearm
    To deal massive amounts of damage, craft a Potion of Damage using the following Minecraft recipe. Combine Nether Wart with a bottle of water. Then, incorporate an eye from a Spider. Add a Fermented Spider Eye to conclude. Sugar, a brown mushroom, and a spider are the ingredients required to create one.

Salve Of Healing


  • Inner Wart
  • Glistening Melon

Using Nether Wart and a bottle of water, the Potion of Healing recipe in Minecraft can be used to heal players in a pinch.

Add a Glistening Melon, which is created by combining a melon slice with eight gold nuggets surrounding it on the crafting grid. Melon seeds can be found in mineshaft chests, and melons grow naturally in jungle biomes.

Best Application Of Healing

In Minecraft, Potions of Healing are essential when facing boss-type enemies such as the Wither, Ender Dragon, and Elder Guardians. However, any adventurer without the proper equipment or weapons will benefit from carrying a Potion of Healing, particularly when exploring caverns, the Nether, or the End.

Enchantment of Invisibility


  • Inner Wart
  • Golden Carrot
  • Fermented Spider Eye
    For a quick nighttime escape from monsters, the potion of invisibility is ideal. Combine Nether Wart with a bottle of water. Then, incorporate a Golden Carrot and a Fermented Spider Eye.

The Golden Carrot is created by surrounding a carrot in the crafting grid with eight gold nuggets. There is a chance that a village or shipwreck chest contains carrots. Combining a brown mushroom, sugar, and a spider eye yields the Fermented Spider Eye.

Elixir Of Leaping


  • Inner Wart
  • Bunny’s Foot
    Craft this potion recipe in Minecraft to become as agile as a rabbit and gain a jump boost. Combine a bottle of water with a Nether Wart.

Add a Rabbit’s Foot, which can be obtained by killing a rabbit with a good sword enchanted with the Looting effect. Otherwise, this item is difficult to obtain. Desert biomes typically support an abundance of rabbits.

Remedy For Night Vision


  • Inner Wart
  • Golden Carrot
    This Minecraft potion recipe will make players’ lives easier by enhancing their vision at night and underwater. Combine water and Nether Wart in a bottle.

Add a Golden Carrot, which is created by surrounding one carrot with eight gold nuggets in the crafting grid. Carrots are readily available in village farms and shipwreck chests.

Best Application of night vision potions

Night vision potions are incredibly useful when exploring caves. They are an improvement over torches, but mobs will still spawn near the player due to the lack of light. Exploring submerged structures such as shipwrecks, ruins, and ocean monuments is also considerably facilitated by Night Vision potions.

Poisonous Potion


  • Inner Wart
  • Spider Eye
  • Optional: Firearm
    This is a moderately damaging potion that poisons the target.

Combine Nether Wart with a bottle of water. Then, simply incorporate a spider’s eye, which is easily obtained by killing a spider. The addition of gunpowder transforms this poison into a splash potion that can be thrown, as it must be ingested to be effective. Gunpowder can be obtained from chests in desert temples and by killing Creepers.

Potion Of Regeneration


  • Inner Wart
  • Horrific Tear
    Craft this potion recipe in Minecraft before embarking on a lengthy journey in order to replenish your health quickly in a bind. Combine some Nether Wart with a bottle of water.

Then, add a Ghast Tear, which is relatively simple to obtain after killing a Ghast. Ensure that they do not die over a lava lake, or the Ghast Tear will be consumed by fire. This item is not always dropped by Ghasts, so it may take a few attempts to find one.

Best Use Of Potions Of Regeneration

Potions of Regeneration are extremely useful when exploring hazardous areas such as the Nether, the End, or caves. During fights against bosses, such as the Ender Dragon, the Wither, and the Elder Guardians, they are practically indispensable.

Potion of Slow Decay


  • Inner Wart
  • Phantom Membrane
    Consider crafting this potion in Minecraft if dying from fall damage is a significant concern.

Combine some Nether Wart with a bottle of water. Phantom Membrane, which can be looted from a Phantom after its death, has been added. In-game, phantoms only appear after three consecutive nights without sleep.

Best Application Of Slow-Falling Potion

Even though Potions of Slow Falling are somewhat specialized, fall damage is a major risk when exploring caves with ravines or constructing tall structures. Possessing Potions of Slow Falling is also useful for minimizing fall damage caused by Shulkers’ levitation effect when exploring End Cities.

Potion of Slackening


  • Inner Wart
  • Sugar
  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Optional: Firearm
    Brew this potion to apply a devastating slowness effect to a target. Combine some Nether Wart with a bottle of water.

Add some sugar, followed by a fermented spider’s eye. The Fermented Spider Eye is produced by combining a brown mushroom, sugar, and a spider eye. Sugar can be obtained from the Sugar Cane plant. The addition of gunpowder makes it easier to throw this at an enemy. To obtain some, first slay a Creeper.

Best Application of Slowness Tonic

This potion is largely ineffective because there aren’t that many extremely fast and dangerous creatures in Minecraft. However, it can be a viable option against Illagers wielding an axe and infant zombies that charge the player quite quickly.

Potion Of Vitality


Not a Wart
Blaze Powder
To quickly become the strongest player in Minecraft, this potion recipe is essential. Add Nether Wart to a bottle of water to get started.

Then, simply add Blaze Powder, which is produced from Blaze Rods. To obtain them, travel to the Nether, locate a Nether Fortress with Blaze spawners, and kill as many Blazes as possible.

Best Application of strength potions

Potions of Strength are useful when players need to eliminate enemies quickly. Powerful foes, such as the Wither, may require the player to consume a Potion of Strength in order to finish the battle more quickly.

Potion Of Rapidity


Not a Wart
If players have a need for speed, a Potion of Swiftness’s simple ingredients are ideal.

Incorporate some Nether Wart into a bottle of water. Then, incorporate sugar, which is derived from the Sugar Cane plant.

Best Application of speed potions

The increased running and walking speed granted by Potions of Swiftness is extremely beneficial when traversing long distances in Minecraft. Exploring the End or the Overworld, where the terrain is relatively safe, players should brew Potions of Swiftness to reach their destination more quickly.

Potion Of The Master Turtle


Not a Wart
Crocodile Shell
To become slow and damage-resistant like a turtle, brew this potion with negative and positive effects in Minecraft. Combine Nether Wart with a bottle of water.

Turtle Shells are made from the scutes shed by baby turtles as they mature into adulthood. Find a with multiple turtles, and using seagrass, begin breeding them in order to collect a large quantity of scutes. Ensure that the turtle eggs are protected from hordes.

Best Application Of The Turtle Master’s Potion

This somewhat obscure-sounding potion should not be disregarded. Here, you must choose between speed and increased damage resistance. This potion is fantastic when players are surrounded by enemies or taking a great deal of damage, but do not need to flee immediately.

Potion Of Breathing In Water


Not a Wart
In Minecraft, this potion recipe is required for anyone who wishes to dive for treasure or enter an Ocean Temple. Add Nether Wart to a bottle of water to begin.

Then, incorporate a Pufferfish. This species of fish is fairly common for anglers to catch. They can even collect it directly in a bucket.

Best Application Of Water Breathing Potion

As was previously stated, Potions of Water Breathing are required for any underwater exploration in Minecraft. As of version 1.13, a ton of treasure can be found underwater in ruins and shipwrecks, so it is extremely advantageous to have Water Breathing Potions when exploring.

Elixir Of Weakness


Fermented Spider Eye
Elective: Gunpowder

This Minecraft recipe can be crafted, even without Nether Wart, to turn a powerful foe into a weakling. It is incredibly simple to make.

Mix an Eye of the Fermented Spider with a bottle of water. Combine a brown mushroom, sugar, and a spider eye to prepare a Fermented Spider Eye. Add some gunpowder to it to transform it into a splash potion that can be thrown at foes. It is possible to loot gunpowder from Creepers and desert temples.

Best Application of Weakness Elixir

If players find themselves outnumbered by a horde of foes, using the Potion of Weakness on them to reduce their defenses is an option. The majority of the time, it is still preferable to buff the player’s own defenses or damage rather than waste time on a Potion of Weakness. Clearly, this is an extremely specialized potion.

Potion Enhancers

Redstone Dust increases the duration of the potion’s effect.
Glowstone Dust: The potion’s effect is amplified.
Gunpowder: The potion can be thrown and splashed onto a surface or target, causing damage to anyone within its range.
Dragon’s Breath: The potion can be splashed on a surface to generate a cloud with a wide area of effect.

Although any of the above Minecraft potion recipes can be consumed as-is, it is recommended to add modifiers to increase their potency. After crafting a potion, players can add one of these four modifiers to the brewing stand to enhance its effect.

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