Sondoias Pinnata Kurz leaf with the candida albicans and Ethanolic ExtractTest

Spondias pinnata Kurz or kedondong is one of traditional drug plant for medication of , one of them as drug of antifungal.The aim of this was know the antifungal activity of ethanolic extract of kedondong leaf against candida albicans and also to know the active compound group wich content in the extract.
This research was conducted with extraction of kedondong leaf using maserasi method with solvent ethanolic 96%. This activity test of antifungal was conducted with liquid dilution method.The media witch used in this method, were liquid medium of Casein Yeast Glucose Double Strength and asolid medium of Sabaouraud Dextrose Agar.
The observation was conducted after the mixture was incubated during 18-24 hours at temperature 37celcius derajat.The result was analysed by observing the MIC (Minimum Inhibitor Concentration) on liquid medium .Identify the chemical compound was carried out by paper chromatography and tube test. Identify the chemical compound with tube test was flavonoid, polyphenol, saponin and tannin.
The result showed that the MIC was not determined because the colour of ethanolic extract solution was brown nad turbid, while the minimum fungficid concentration(MFC) of Spondias Pinnata Kurz leaf athanolic axtract against candida albicans. The tube test and the chromatography showed that kedondong leaf athanolic extract not contained tannin and saponin, but that contained flavonoid and polyphenol.

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