Some of the funniest glitches are shown in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compilation video.

In order to make light of the glitches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a player has compiled a video of the game’s funniest glitches.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player decided to make light of the games’ ongoing issues by compiling a video montage of glitches and that they and other players discovered on social media. The player then uploaded their video to Reddit, where it gained traction and received additional commentary from other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players.

It’s no secret that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have problems with how well they run and bugs that are annoying. The games have been criticized as a result of issues such as players clipping through the world map and frame rate drops in both TV and Handheld Mode. Some players, on the other hand, have chosen to make the most of their time with the games by taking advantage of bugs and glitches or showing them off on social media for others to see.

A Reddit user with the username Aya Sue16 compiled nine humorous Twitter clips into a 57-second video post, with Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” playing in the background. The clips displayed bizarre behavior from the various Pokemon roaming the map, such as a Pyroar running off a cliff, some bugged animations and facial expressions from the player character, and an invisible Miraidon bug in which the player character was still in a riding position. Aya Sue16 added their own text captions and jokes to each clip, using dark humor throughout the montage to emphasize the absurdity of the featured insects. The video received over 500 upvotes within the first few hours of being posted, and Aya Sue16 credited the original videos used to create the montage by linking to them.

The comments section also thanked Aya Sue16 for their work, and some users made jokes and comparisons to Bethesda, which is notorious for releasing open-world games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 with bugs. Even though it’s not clear if or when Nintendo or The Pokemon Company will fix these problems or apologize, players and speedrunners can still use bugs like reverse long jumps in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and other unintended ways to finish the games faster.

But, as expected with games with bugs, some players will let you know how they feel in a clear way. People are so interested in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that they are asking for full refunds so that they can review bomb the games on multiple websites. Whether or not the games get updates soon to fix these problems, it is clear that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as more videos from the region, will stay in the minds of many players and critics.

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