Some fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet don’t like Pokemon Size.

People who play Game Freak’s latest role-playing game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, complain online about how big some of the pocket monsters are.

Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are dissatisfied with the size of certain pocket monsters in Game Freak’s newest role-playing game. This week, a number of fans have taken to the Internet to express their displeasure that a number of species in the new games are so small that they detract from the overall gameplay experience. The complaints surfaced at the same time that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are receiving negative reviews for a variety of reasons.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which were released on November 18, are likely to continue Game Freak’s tradition of releasing highly accessible and commercially successful games with notable technical issues. Scarlet and Violet remain among the lowest-rated Pokemon games of all time, as numerous players and critics have already expressed their displeasure with the games’ performance issues. Moreover, despite the fact that the majority of critics have praised the games’ shift to open-world gameplay with an emphasis on exploration, Scarlet and Violet remain among the lowest-rated Pokemon games ever.

Some players are now complaining that they can’t tell the difference between some small Pokemon species in the overworld, and some even say they can’t see Flittle and Smoliv at all. This is just more bad news. One user wrote on , “Everything is so blurry,” while another compared the depictions of some Pokemon in the new games to “stray pixels.” According to the complaints, this makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet less fun to play overall, whether the player is trying to catch or avoid the small species. This is true regardless of whether the player is attempting to hunt or avoid the small species.

While it may have been a stylistic choice to make Pawmi and Rookidee as small as their Pokedex entries indicate, the well-publicized performance issues plaguing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet make it unlikely that a future patch will address this specific complaint. Specifically, increasing the size of any creature models without making things even fuzzier would necessitate cramming more polygons into a scene, which could place an even greater strain on the already-taxed hardware.

One could, of course, say that Game Freak, not the , is to blame for the problems with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Even though the handheld’s hardware was nothing special when it came out in 2017, games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Monster Hunter Rise, and Doom have made great use of its Nvidia Tegra X1 system-on-a-chip over the years.

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