[Solved] How to Get & Use Steam Points Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

If you use Steam, you’re probably familiar with the majority of its features. However, there may be some aspects of it that you are unfamiliar with, such as Steam Points. You’ve probably noticed them on your profile, but what exactly are they?

In this post, we’ll go over Steam Points in detail, explaining how they work, how to redeem them, and other useful information.

How to get use steam points
How to get use steam points

What Exactly Are Steam Points?

Steam Points are a type of currency that allows you to obtain valuable Awards. You get them when you buy something in-game or in the Store. Games, applications, DLCs, hardware, soundtracks, and in-game items are among the items available for purchase.

When you buy something, Steam credits your account with a certain number of Points. You can find your balance by going to the Shop, and it’s a good idea to keep track of it. If the value falls below zero, Steam may remove some Awards and Points-purchased items.

What Are Steam Points and How Do They Work?

You can earn Steam Points by purchasing items from this platform, as previously stated. If you spend $1 on games or items, you will receive 100 Points. Remember that this does not apply to your Steam Market. Nothing you buy there earns you any Points.

However, there are numerous other ways to earn Steam Points. One of them is the use of awards.

One way to obtain an Award is to request one from a friend. The number of Points you receive in this manner is equal to one-third of the value of your Award. It works similarly to Reddit Awards in that you can obtain them by leaving a comment, screenshot, or profile.

Another thing to keep in mind is that purchasing discounted items is not the same as purchasing regular ones. If you purchase a game for a lower price, the number of Points obtained is determined by the discounted price rather than the total cost.

What Exactly Is a Steam Points Shop?

You can find a variety of items to personalize your profile in the Steam Points Shop. It’s also where you can exchange your Points for Chat or Profile items.

The following are some of the most appealing purchases you can make:

Animated Avatars – These Avatars are a significant improvement over standard Avatars because they include unique animations.

Badges – Badges are an important component of your user account and are displayed on your profile. They provide you with emoticons, coupons, and other enticing items.

Frames – These items enhance the appearance of your avatars.

Backgrounds – For a stunning visual effect, you can apply different backgrounds to your profile.

The Shop is open all year, and most items purchased remain on your profile indefinitely. Nonetheless, they are not tradeable or marketable.

How to Redeem Steam Points

You must visit the Shop to redeem your Steam Points. Explore the items here, and once you’ve found the one you need, click it to learn how unlocking it affects your profile. If it looks good and you can afford it, click the cost box in the bottom-right corner. To successfully redeem your Points, make the purchase.

How Can I Earn Free Steam Points?

There is only one way to get free Steam Points: another user must gift them to you. Your friends, however, aren’t the only ones who can send you Points.

When you interact with the community (for example, by leaving reviews), other users can reward you with Awards. Aside from improving your balance, this also grants you a unique Badge to add to your profile.

When it comes to Steam’s award system, points are only the tip of the iceberg. More information will be provided in the following section.

What exactly are Steam Trading Cards?

Steam Trading Cards are yet another type of virtual reward. They, like Steam Points, are stored in your profile and cannot be redeemed for physical items.

However, this does not preclude them from being extremely useful.

More specifically, with each Steam Trading Card set, you can earn some fantastic rewards. Once you’ve completed the set, you’ll be able to access a slew of profile customization options. You can also sell the Cards on your Community Market to obtain wallet funds that you can then use to make Steam purchases.

Furthermore, there is a type of Trading Card known as Foil Cards. To improve your profile, each set can be turned into a foil badge.

Foil Cards function similarly to shiny Pokémon cards in that they have the same appearance and function as regular ones. They are, however, rarer, making them more valuable.

Begin accumulating Steam Points right now.

You may only see Steam as a portal to your favorite games. But the platform is so much more.

There are several ways to improve and distinguish your profile. One of them is to use Points for various embellishments. They allow you to display your accomplishments for the entire Steam community to see. So, start redeeming your Points right away to revitalize your profile.

How many Steam Points do you have? What did you buy with your Steam Points? How does your profile look now that you’ve upgraded? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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