[Solved] Common Ways How To Use Incantations In Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

Incantations are spells that can only be cast in the Elden Ring. They are extremely powerful and can be used effectively in combat. They are, however, very complicated, and many players have difficulty figuring out how to use them.

We’ll show you how to use incantations effectively depending on the type of device you’re using in this article. Read on to find out how to get rid of a large group of enemies or use a defensive spell to lessen the damage a boss does.

How To Use Incantations In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, How Do You Use Incantations?

Elden Ring is a single-player role-playing based on the “Soulsborne” video game series developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Elden Ring has proven to be a masterpiece of a game that provides hours upon hours of entertainment since its release.

First and foremost, the game world is incredibly detailed and expansive, providing players with a great deal of freedom to explore. Second, the combat system is deep and rewarding, challenging even the most seasoned gamers. Third, the plot is both intriguing and moving, with plenty of surprises to keep players interested.

Elden comes with special powers in the form of incantations in addition to standard weapons such as daggers, swords, katanas, and blades. These empower your character to summon a variety of supernatural entities or forces, such as gods, demons, spirits, or primordial forces. They can also be used to channel energy and perform magic.

Incantations are distinct from another special power in the game, sorceries, in that they rely on Faith rather than Intelligence. This means they are more effective than sorcery at restoring health and curing ailments. Incantations also provide a wide range of offensive options, making them a versatile choice for any character build.

To cast incantations, you’ll need Sacred Seals, which can be found scattered throughout the game world. You’ll need to try out various spells to find the ones that work best for your character and playstyle. While some players may prefer the versatility of a multi-purpose incantation, others may prefer to specialize in one area, such as healing or defense.

The decision is ultimately yours, and there are numerous options for testing. You can find the perfect set of Incantations to help you survive the dangers of Elden Ring with a little trial and error.

So, how do you go about casting incantations? Regardless of the device you’re using to play the game, there are five main steps to using incantations:

Step 1: Strengthen Your Faith and Mind

The effective use of magic on Elden Ring is always contingent on having the proper stats.

All of your incantations, including Heal, Rejection, Dragonfire, and others, will scale in accordance with your Faith level. That is, the greater your Faith, the more potent your spells will be. As a result, we recommend aiming for a Faith level of at least 60. All of your incantations will deal maximum damage to enemies and bosses at this level. Other stats are important as well, but if you want your spells to deal the most damage possible, prioritize Faith leveling first.

Mind is another crucial stat. If you don’t have high stats in this area, you’ll probably find yourself frequently running out of Mana and having to rely on Cerulean flask. We recommend leveling Mind to at least level 40, as it will most likely be used for defensive, buff, and ranged incantations.

You’ll be able to conserve Mana and keep your build going strong by doing so.

Step 2: Locate Sacred Seals

You must have your Sacred Seal on hand in order to cast the spell. This is the necessary catalyst for casting a spell. The Sacred Seal is your gun if the incantation is your ammunition.

There are numerous types of seals to be found throughout Elden Ring. Some can only be purchased from vendors, but others can be obtained by killing your enemies. Furthermore, if you choose the Prophet or Confessor starter classes, you will begin the game with a Seal in your inventory.

Each seal has different and disadvantages that you should consider when deciding which one to use. Some, for example, have a high base damage but do not scale well with other stats. Others will deal very little base damage but scale extremely well, making them more effective against targets with high defense.

Step 3: Stock Up on Incantations and Equip Them

To cast a spell, you must first have it in your inventory.

Aside from Golden Scarabs, there are a few other ways to obtain incantations. They can be purchased from NPCs such as Brother Corhyn and D, Hunter of the Dead. Some are also found in prayerbooks all over the world. However, the simplest way to obtain incantations is most likely through exploration. Many hidden areas and side areas contain one or more incantations, which are frequently guarded by powerful enemies. Defeat your opponents and collect your reward!

Each Incantation has a unique effect and range, so select the ones that best suit your playstyle. Keep in mind that different spells require different amounts of Mana to cast, so keep that in mind when shopping for some.

You must memorize spells at a Site of Grace in order to equip an incantation.

Step 4: Increase the Number of Memory Slots

Once you’ve gathered or purchased the incantations, you must equip them by adding them to your memory slots.

To increase the number of memory slots available to you, you must collect Memory Stones by visiting the various Rise towers scattered throughout the Elden Ring universe. Each Stone obtained allows you to cast one spell, so you should aim to collect as many as possible.

Step 5: Put on the Sacred Seal and hit the Attack Button.

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary components, you can select the spell you want to cast from the HUD (heads-up display) while playing. All that remains is to press the attack button. Regrettably, different devices have different buttons. Let’s take a look at how you can launch your spells based on the device you choose to play Elden Ring on.

On a PC, How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring

Here’s how to use incantations if you’re exploring the Elden Ring universe on a PC:

  1. Press “E” to open your inventory.
  2. In either hand, equip a Seal.
  3. Click the up arrow to select the spell you want to cast.
  4. Use the left mouse button to cast the spell.

And there you have it! You can now summon the power of the Elden Ring universe and use your preferred incantation against your opponent.

How to Use Elden Ring Spells with the Keyboard

Because you need super-fast reflexes to level up quickly and defeat your opponents in Elden Ring, an external keyboard is probably preferable to one built into your machine. After all, external keyboards are intended for quick input and provide better ergonomics than built-in models.

Here’s how to use an external keyboard to cast a spell:

  1. Open your equipment area by pressing “E.”
  2. Use your preferred hand to equip a Seal.
  3. Use the upward pointing arrow to select the spell you want to cast.
  4. To cast the spell, press the left mouse button.

On a PS5, how do you use Incantations in Elden Ring?

Because of its custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and custom RDNA 2-based GPU, the PS5 is one of the most popular consoles among Elden Ring enthusiasts, allowing it to deliver 4K visuals at up to 120 FPS (frames-per-second). Furthermore, the PS5 includes an ultra-fast SSD that can significantly reduce game loading times.

On PS5, casting a spell on Elden Ring is simple:

  1. To access your inventory, press the Options-Button.
  2. Place a Seal in your primary hand.
  3. Use the D-pad buttons on the left and right to cycle through your equipment and select the spell you want to cast.
  4. To cast your spell, press the RB button.

On an Xbox, how do you use Incantations in Elden Ring?

Xbox is one of the most powerful consoles available, offering gamers true 4K gaming experiences. If you use this console, you can easily cast spells on Elden Ring and dispatch your enemies without putting your character in danger.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. To access your equipment, press the Menu Button.
  2. Equip a Seal in your main or offhand hand.
  3. Toggle the spell you want to use with the upper D-pad button.
  4. To cast your spell, press the R1 button.

Use Magic to Your Advantage

In Elden Ring, incantations are a type of magic that can be used to buff yourself or your party, debuff enemies, or summon creatures to fight for you. They are carried out with the aid of specific items known as Seals, which can be found throughout the game world.

To use incantations, you must first gather or purchase a few and then memorize them at a Site of Grace. After that, all that remains is for you to charge into battle and destroy your opponents with incredible power, either decimating them or weakening their defenses in preparation for secondary attacks.

However, some incantations are extremely powerful and can have unintended consequences if not used correctly. So, before you use one, make sure you thoroughly research it. You’ll be casting spells like a pro in no time with a little practice.

What are your favorite Elden Ring incantations? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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