Solution How to Send WhatsApp Messages Even Number Is Blocked?

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

You can’t send WhatsApp messages because the number is blocked? Take it easy, don’t get upset, don’t worry, because all of this still has a solution.

Send message even number blocked
Send message even number blocked

Often someone blocks a WhatsApp number because of a trivial problem or is really not feeling well with that person. The effect is that we can no longer send messages to or receive messages from the blocker.

If you have this, then the message you send will always tick one gray until finally the person unblocks it. Even though it has been unblocked, the messages that you have sent before will also never be received.

However, take it easy don’t get upset first. Because you can overcome this in a fairly easy way. There is still one way you can do it without leaving Whatsapp.

This method is actually often done by people. However, very few people practice this method to send WhatsApp messages because the number is blocked. Because usually, people who have been blocked will just accept it and surrender to the situation.

The trick is, all you have to do is create a new WhatsApp group and include the person who has blocked you into the group. So, from there you will be able to send messages to people who have blocked you.

Even though they have blocked you, that person can still read the messages you send. Unless he immediately opts out of the group, then no matter how many messages you send will not be delivered to him.

You can do this because WhatsApp has not yet developed a feature that allows users to control who adds to groups.

If this feature is launched, and the person who blocked you set it so that no one can add it to the group, then you are finished. The door has been closed to still be able to send messages via WhatsApp.

So if you have this, it’s time to talk face to face. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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