Shanks’ Bad Intentions Exposed! The Rise of Sun God Nika Luffy Signifies the Appearance of One Piece Treasure

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2023)

Shanks’ evil intentions all this time, little by little are finally starting to be uncovered.

The latest facts regarding the figure of Yonkou Akagami No Shanks, finally leaked by Oda Sensei ahead of manga One Piece chapter 1077.

Red-hair Shank

The facts up to One Piece chapter 1077 confirm that Shanks will really kill Captain Kid on Elbaf Island.

Then what is the real reason Shanks wanted to kill Kid on Elbaf Island?

As you know, after Luffy managed to awaken Sun God Nika’s awakening ability at Wano, Oda Sensei showed an interesting scene from Shanks.

At that time, Shanks, who knew that Luffy had awakened the power of Sun God Nika, Shanks immediately mentioned the treasure of One Piece.

When Sun God Nika Luffy got up, Shanks suddenly said that now is the right time to seize and get the One Piece treasure.

So that it can be ascertained that the rise of Sun God Nika Luffy has something to do with the One Piece treasure.

Based on these facts, Shanks seems aware that the One Piece treasure can only be found when Luffy reaches awakening.

Actually, Oda Sensei has leaked this since the beginning of the chapter, to be precise when Shanks sacrificed his left arm.

At that time Shanks believed that the sacrifice would be a trigger for Luffy to go on an adventure as a pirate.

What’s more, at that time Luffy had also eaten the Hito Hito No Mi devil fruit model Nika that was kept by Shanks.

Besides that, Shanks had known from his former captain, Gol D. Roger, about the person who was destined to get the One Piece treasure.

Interestingly, in the latest chapter it was revealed that the three Akagami No Shanks groups are currently on Elbaf Island.

Then a few moments later, Kid’s group is shown successfully reaching the coast of Elbaf Island.

Unfortunately, Kid’s fate was quite bad because Shanks’ high-level Kenbunshoku Haki that covered Elbaf immediately detected his presence.

In this moment, Oda Sensei also inserted the latest facts about Kid’s severed left arm.

It turned out that the culprit was not Shanks but his right hand man, Ben Beckman.

Furthermore, after a while Shanks also sent Rock Star to Kid’s place to deliver a message.

Shanks’ message contains two options that are closely related to Akagami, who is currently active in searching for the One Piece treasure.

Because Kid had previously obtained a copy of the Road Poneglyph from Kaido and Big Mom, Shanks asked Kid to hand over the copy to him and leave Elbaf in peace.

But if Kid doesn’t want to do it, then Shanks will seize it by force.

Seeing Kid’s stubborn attitude, it was believed that he would not want to hand over a copy of the Road Poneglyph to Shanks.

Especially after successfully defeating Kaido and Big Mom, Kid’s self-confidence will certainly increase drastically.

Of course, Kid will think that his current self is capable of defeating Yonkou Shanks.

Therefore, Kid’s fight against Shanks will really take place at Elbaf in One Piece 1077.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment and prediction only, and does not intend to change the story of the original author.

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