Series of Genshin Impact Events Most Favored by Players

After being released for more than two years, Genshin Impact has provided the best entertainment. The latest events and stories are held for you players to be comfortable enjoying Genshin Impact.

Of the many events, of course there are some events that are very exciting and leave your memory. It’s not just you, many Genshin Impact players also think that way. This time, ADMIN will discuss the six best events in Genshin Impact.

The 6 best events in Genshin Impact

  1. Windtrace

When this event was first introduced in Genshin Impact, lots of players were excited to play it with their friends. You could say this event is the best event that you can play with your friends.

In this event, there will be two roles given, namely the hiding team and the seeker or hunter. In each game there will be 3 people hiding and one hunter. Before the time runs out, the hunter must be able to find everyone who is hiding.

The fun part is, for the team that is hiding, you can disguise yourself as a number of properties. Later you have to camouflage so the hunter team can’t find you. This is what makes the Windtrace event so interesting. Moreover, you communicate via Discord with friends.

2. Lantern Rite

This event is one of the best events in Genshin Impact because it gives out a lot of things for free. In order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, every year Genshin Impact will hold a Lantern Rite event.

So far, the Lantern Rite event has been held three times, and every year there will be a free four-star character that you can get. You can also get Primogems and Intertwined Fate for free, as well as costumes or character skins.

3. Theater Mechanicus

This time, we are heading towards one of the events that can appear in any city. Initially this event appeared in Liyue during the Lantern Rite event. Due to the immense love of the players, this event has appeared three times in Genshin Impact.

You only need to place towers that have certain elements. Then, slowly the enemy will walk through a certain path to enter the portal. If the enemy enters the portal, then you are declared defeated.

It looks very simple and uncomplicated, but what makes this event really exciting is the reaction of the elements and also the conditional cards. You can get luck and bad luck from taking the cards that you can choose.

4. Of Drink A Dreaming

Being a bartender is a word that can easily sum up this event. Yup, in this event, you are training to become a professional bartender at Diluc’s Angel’s Share. You will receive orders from various people with different orders.

You can even create your own recipe and find out what ingredients work best. Milk, coffee, lemon, mint and various ingredients to make the best drink in Teyvat are sure to be provided.

5. Event Rhythm

Lots of events have a basis, namely rhythm game. Events such as Ballad of Breeze, Turned to the World’s Sound, and Drumalong Festival. So far, rhythm games have been held four times in Genshin Impact.

Musical notes will appear which you have to follow the beat in order to get the most points and exchange them for prizes. There will be three difficulties that will be given, namely Normal, Hard, and Pro.

6. Marvelous Merchandise

Who doesn’t love free primogems? That’s right, Liben is one of the NPCs that players really like in Genshin Impact. Every time he comes to an event, everyone will be happy because you only need to do something very easy.

Liben only needs fruits, vegetables, and other materials that you usually don’t need. Then, you will exchange them for primogems as well as other useful materials.

But unfortunately, that’s all you will do when there is this event. Usually there will be bigger boxes and you can take them for free after you have exchanged approximately five boxes out of a total of seven element boxes.

What other events do you think besides those on this list that you can’t forget? Write your answer in the comments column, OK! Don’t forget to keep monitoring our website for info about games and more.

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