Scarlet and Violet fail to seize an opportunity to highlight Lucario as star Pokemon.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet add a new way for Pokemon to evolve by walking, which would have been perfect for Lucario’s line of evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet add a lot of new creatures to collect, like the cute starters, legendaries that can be mounted, and Pokemon number 1000. Additionally, the game reintroduces fan favorites such as Lucario. Sadly, the majority of these Pokemon have not been updated as much as they could have been, as Lucario would have greatly benefited from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new walking evolution mechanic.

Both the anime and the video games portray Lucario as a very loyal Pokémon. This aspect of the creature could have been emphasized more by the walking evolution mechanism, which causes Pokemon to evolve when they are kept outside of their Pokeball. Despite this, Lucario is an excellent addition to any team.

Lucario, the Faithful Warrior

Lucario, which debuted in Generation 4, is a bipedal Fighting/Steel Pokémon. Lucario is the star of Pokemon X and Y, as it is used to demonstrate the new Mega Evolution mechanic. Using Lucarionite, players are able to Mega Evolve Lucario, transforming it into a teammate who poses a threat to all opponents. The player receives a Lucario from Korrina after the Pokémon takes a liking to their aura. This is not surprising, as Lucario is said to be able to detect human auras.

Players evolve Riolu into Lucario by raising its Friendship stat in-game. This can be done in a number of ways, such as keeping it as the leader of the group, feeding it, and keeping it from passing out in battle. In the anime series, Lucario’s loyalty is demonstrated by its close friendship with Ash. In Pokemon Journeys, Ash encounters Lucario as an Egg. Riolu joins Ash’s team when it hatches because it likes the way he makes people feel. From then on, they are inseparable, and Ash raises it to become a Lucario. It spends considerable time outside of its Pokeball, and becomes envious of Pokémon that approach its Trainer too closely.

New Evolutionary Paths for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Scarlet and Violet introduce several new features, including Pokemon picnics, as well as new evolution methods. One of the most intriguing is the new walking evolution mechanic, made possible by the “Let’s Go” mechanic that allows a player’s primary Pokemon to freely roam. Certain Pokemon will evolve after walking one thousand steps outside of their Pokeballs. This currently holds true for Pawmo, Rellor, and Bramblin, which evolve into Pawmot, Rabsca, and Brambleghast, respectively. The mechanic makes sense for Pawmo, who is a clone of Pikachu. It is also appropriate for Rellor and Bramblin, who resemble a dung beetle rolling a dung ball and tumbleweeds, respectively.

The evolutionary lineage of Lucario would have made an excellent candidate for the new walking evolution mechanic. Having players walk around with Riolu would encourage them to bond with and spend time with the Pokemon, emphasizing how loyal and affectionate it is toward its Trainer. Riolu and Lucario are also both incredibly attractive Pokémon that deserve to be admired forever.

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