Rush Hour 4 is Now Officially Coming

Are you still remember the actors in Rush Hour Movie. Yes, Chan and Chris Tucker. After 15 long years, Rush Hour 4 will finally be released. Jackie Chan disclosed the development of the long-awaited sequel during his recent appearance at the Red Sea International Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Rush Hour 4 Jackie Chan

Speaking to his fans, the renowned 68-year-old Hong Kong actor recalled his illustrious filmography, which included Police Story (1985), Twin Dragons (1991), Supercop (1992), Drunken Master II (1994), Rumble in the Bronx (1995), and, of course, his Rush Hour series with Chris Tucker. Chan shared that he was quite surprised by the reception of Rush Hour as he reflected on the series’ success.

“I got a phone call. Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker telephone me from New York. They are insane. Jackie Chan recalled that the opening weekend grossed $70 million. “I don’t know how to count,” he told his fans, showcasing his signature wit.

To the delight of fans, Chan then revealed that Rush Hour 4 is currently in development, saying, “We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now.” The sequel to Rush Hour 3 was first teased in 2018, and it is expected that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will reprise their roles as Detective James Carter and Detective Inspector Lee, with Brett Ratner set to direct.

Jackie Chan made some fans of action films ecstatic this week.

Not only did the 68-year-old actor make a rare personal appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia on December 8, he also shared exciting news regarding one of his most popular franchises: Rush Hour.

According to the Hong Kong-born actor’s statements released on Thursday, the three-part film series will receive a fourth installment.

“We’re talking about part four right now,” Chan told the crowd. He also said that he was going to meet with the film’s director later this evening to talk about the script, as Deadline had already reported.

Chan, who starred alongside Chris Tucker in all three Rush Hour films (Rush Hour (1998), Rush Hour 2 (2001), and Rush Hour 3 (2007)), did not reveal who would be directing the upcoming film. Disgraced filmmaker Brett Ratner directed all three previous versions, but Warner Bros. severed ties with him after multiple actresses, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct.

During the festival, Chan revealed that he initially expected the original Rush Hour to fail and was astounded by its $244 million global gross. The film, which served as Chan’s breakthrough role in English-language media, was also, so to speak, his “last chance.”

“I tried so many times to go to Hollywood, but after that I said never again because my English is poor, they’re not my culture, and they don’t like this type of action,” he said.

Chan was about to leave Hollywood after receiving only scripts for roles involving East Asian detectives in the United States when his talent agent approached him about the film Rush Hour.

“My manager informed me that there is a script titled Rush Hour. I said no, Hong Kong police? I’m not going to do it. He suggested to Jackie that she try one more time. I responded, “Okay, this is the final time.”

Shortly after the theatrical release of the film, the directors celebrated by calling Chan “”Dude, we’re a massive success: 70 million dollars in the first weekend.”

Chan concluded: “I don’t know what 70 million dollars is. I don’t know the box office. I just know it was a success. And then they made parts 2 and 3.”

And now, part four!

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