Roblox: Top 10 Fun Basketball Games you must know

Roblox has something for everyone as a result of its heavy emphasis on user-generated content. These are the platform’s best basketball games.

Roblox is an extremely entertaining gaming platform that debuted in 2006. Since then, the number of users of the popular game has increased to over 37 million. In 2022, Roblox has many different communities where people play server-based games or make their own experiences for others to enjoy. If a player ever navigates to the Discover tab on Roblox, they will find a variety of entertaining games from various genres.

The popular gaming platform now features open-world games, action-RPGs, racing games, and wrestling simulators, in addition to offerings for other sports such as basketball. There are only a handful of good basketball games available on the AAA gaming market. Nonetheless, Roblox has numerous additional basketball games, the best of which are listed below.

GRAVE Basketball Pro Simulator

When people hear the word grave, basketball will be the last thing that comes to mind. However, players should not be deceived by the name of this game into thinking that it is less enjoyable than other great Basketball games on Roblox.

GRAVE Basketball Pro Simulator is a novel simulation of playing basketball from any distance with a variety of basketballs. It provides uncommon courts, such as a graveyard, and allows players to earn coins and gems for character advancement. The game’s physics-based gameplay alone makes it worth playing.


Hoopz may be one of the most well-designed basketball experiences on Roblox, owing to its intricate control scheme. It provides a vast playing area with specialized courts and allows players to compete in quick 1v1 games to test their skills.

Hoopz also provides a nice scoreboard for player teams and opponents, allowing everyone to concentrate on the game. In addition, it grants players access to vehicles that can be driven quickly. The only drawback may be the dozens of control schemes, which may explain why it is almost equally loved and disliked.

Dunking Simulator

The following game is Dunking Simulator by Virus Games Studio. This is one of the best Basketball games on Roblox, and over 300,000 Roblox users enjoy it. Dunking Simulator is also relatively new, as it was released less than a year ago and is constantly updated by the developer.

With an abundance of unique avatars and items, Dunking Simulator is all about showing off your skills in style. It features a server size of 12 players and an intricate gameplay with multiple mechanics. In addition, the game frequently runs incredible promotions, such as giving away free exclusive avatar items.

Hoop Central 6

Basketball game Hoop Central 6 is already in its second season. Consequently, it should not come as a surprise that it is quite popular among Roblox players. With more than 28 million visits, Hoop Central 6 is still in its alpha stage, but it never misses an opportunity to entertain players who are looking for insanely fun basketball gameplay.

It is difficult to dispute the game developer’s claim that Hoop Central 6 is “the most innovative sports game on ROBLOX.” The game features a character creator with extensive customization options, a MyPlayer mode, and a fully functional product store.


According to the developer, the name HoopVerse is a portmanteau of the words Hoops and Universe. The game’s about page describes HoopVerse as “the Hoop Universe of the Roblox Engine.” This game offers a highly detailed and customizable experience, with dozens of counters to modify the player’s playing style and attributes such as speed, stamina, steal, and rebounding ability.

In addition to Play Now, Blacktop, 1v1, and general lobbies, the game offers multiple modes for players to enjoy. HoopVerse is currently available on Xbox, iPhone, iPad, and Windows via Roblox.

Hoop Genius

Many players believe that Hoop Genius could replace the NBA 2K series, and there are excellent reasons for this. This game is a Roblox MyPark-style experience that allows players to compete in a simulation-based competition. The game’s in-game store is superior to those of other games due to the sheer quantity of content it provides.

Hoop Genius is a simple game with straightforward gameplay, which may explain why so many Roblox users enjoy it. This game is a must-try for anyone looking for great Basketball games to play on Roblox due to its gameplay.

Basketball Simulator

Basketball Simulator by Big League Jams is up next. The sheer amount of content it provides and its straightforward gameplay mechanics are what make this one so great. This game enables players to explore dozens of new and intriguing worlds while acquiring new and exclusive items.

Intra-game bag drops, an upgrade system, and a coin-based incentive keep Basketball Simulator engaging. The latest game update added world eight, Rome, to the game’s other fantastic worlds. Basketball Simulator is one of the best basketball games available on Roblox, with over 2 million visits and a like ratio of over 90 percent.

RH2 The Journey

RH2 The Journey is a game that is still in the Alpha stage, but many Roblox players already adore it. The game’s animation is better than most other great basketball games on Roblox, which seems to have helped a lot with its early popularity.

Also, RH2: The Journey has a ridiculously detailed upgrade system with more than 22 attributes that have a big effect on how you play. The PRO-AM mode of this game gives players double coins and upgrade points on weekends, which is a good reason to come back and play more often.

Basketball Simulation of Shooting

At first glance, Basketball Shooting Simulator may appear to be just another dunking game, but this is not the case. This game has received 11 million visits to date and is a favorite of tens of thousands of people. Basketball Shooting Simulator is a simple game with a straightforward objective: to score the most points in the allotted time.

To gain an advantage in matches and score as many perfect shots as possible, players must be inventive. Basketball Shooting Simulator is one of the simpler basketball games on Roblox due to its emphasis on timing and shooting the ball from the correct angle.


Nike’s NIKELAND is a Roblox game, and its high quality is evident. Although it is not solely a basketball game, it enables players to become genuine athletes in a variety of sports. It includes a lobby, basketball court, showroom, Airtopia, and My Playground.

Due to the fact that it is a Nike product, players can unlock superpowers and earn free items by playing the game. The game features a 3v3 soccer mode, an abundance of cosmetics, and a refined aesthetic. Therefore, players will undoubtedly enjoy playing it.

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