Roblox has patented a system for recommending content based on age.

A new application from Roblox suggests that age-appropriate recommendation systems for Roblox content may be coming soon.

A recent patent application says that Roblox may be able to automatically recommend age-appropriate content in the future. Since going public last year, Roblox has become very popular with people of all ages, but there are still a lot of kids who play it. This patent could be a way to make sure that those players get content that is right for their age.

The most recent Roblox Corporation patent aims to use new systems and existing computing capabilities to provide Roblox players with “appropriate” age-appropriate content, such as recommending child-friendly game modes to children under a certain age. Due to the large number of Roblox creators who are inspired by games like Minecraft, players can explore a wide variety of game modes, ranging from platforming and speedruns to minigames and tycoon simulations. Roblox Corporation’s patent may facilitate exploration of the marketplace by recommending better content to each player, given the vast number of available creations to sort through.

According to the Roblox Corporation patent application, the new systems will recognize two similar Roblox players in order to recommend or ignore content alternatives for one player from the other. Prior to making a suggestion, values are assigned to each possible Roblox studio creation in order to automatically recommend the most suitable one for a player based on data collection. Roblox Corporation states in the patent that these efforts are being undertaken so that Roblox players in one region of the world will be recommended highly regarded and trusted uploads that may comply with regional regulations, as opposed to the current emphasis on localized content that is hit-or-miss.

Similar to other patent filings, the Roblox Corporation patent application suggests that parameters such as age, gender, location, and preferences will be separately considered from developers and players when curating appropriate content for players. This information may be logged similarly to how YouTube uploads are, with the age restrictions on the back end correlating with the age a user provides when creating an account, allowing the Google platform to prevent inappropriate videos from being viewed by minors. Given the implementation depicted in the patent, it is likely that many of the most popular Roblox creations will continue to be highlighted, despite Roblox’s plans to modify the way it presents its content in accordance with age-appropriate guidelines.

Even though Roblox Corporation has filed patents for these improvements to Roblox’s back-end systems, it may be a while before the forms are approved and the new curation method can be used. Roblox Corporation may have filed this patent to make Roblox a safer place for players under the age of eighteen. A video that went viral last year explained why Roblox is not a good place for kids.

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