[Review] Tower of Fantasy Game Developed by Hotta Studio & Genshin Impact Rival

A game designed to compete with Genshin Impact was released in August of this year. This open-world RPG has a gacha effect with a city view, just like Genshin Impact. have you attempted

was made by , and it was put out by Perfect World and Level Infinite. Before its worldwide release, Tower of Fantasy could only be played in China. Tower of Fantasy is now available all over the world because Chinese players liked it so much.

Tower of Fantasy is a little different from its predecessor in that it is set in the future and almost all of the creatures are robots. With an open-world design, players can appreciate a variety of gorgeous and futuristic aesthetics.

Tower of Fantasy game review

Detailed customization

One of the features of this game is character creation. You may utilize your own design or pre-made content. In addition to changing clothing and hair color, you can customize even the smallest details, such as the front, middle, and back hair, to your liking.

Additionally, you can import the data of others to make it your own. You can also transform into your favorite characters, such as Naruto, Sasuke, Hu Tao, and Keqing. Many fans of action role-playing games enjoy visualizing the character they want to play in the game.

After creating this character, you can use either your own character or a character obtained through a gacha. This feature is called Simulacro. The results of the character gacha are SR, SSR, and UR. It was the Tower of Fantasy that was granting experience levels. Remember that you can only use one character. You are required to change it back to the desired character. If Simulacra is disabled, you can still use your previously created character.

Very pleasant gacha

As is the case with the majority of modern games, gacha is destined to beautify and captivate players as they search for their desired character. You have nothing to worry about if you play Free-to-Play, as you will receive 30 gacha at the beginning of the game and will definitely obtain the SR character. This gacha system also includes character- and weapon-leveling items. Items ranging from Level N to UR. Keep in mind that badges only appear at SR or purple levels and above. Being blue indicates that it is likely a level weapon or item and not a character.

Earning SSR tokens from standard banners incurs a cost of 0.75 percent of the gacha. Ten draws of gacha yield a 2% chance of obtaining SSR. Not included are SR tokens worth 10 times the gacha.

Additionally, there is a system of mercy that you should be aware of. If you are generating gachas and have not yet obtained an SSR character, you should obtain one when you have generated approximately 80 gachas. The first time you play, the 30th gacha will yield an SSR character. Here is strategy for developers!

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An action RPG with MMORPG-like qualities.

In contrast to other role-playing games, Tower of Fantasy grants many players’ requests. This game allows you to play with multiple people in the same world, so it’s not just about character customization.

You will be accompanied by many players as you explore this world. You can collaborate on a mission, ride in vehicles together, and converse. In addition, there are treasure-containing puzzles that can only be solved when two players enter the level. In addition, this game features a PvP mode. Yes, you can engage in player-versus-player combat to test your bravery. This is also the reason why some individuals claim that this game is an MMORPG.

Many claim this PvP is appealing. Actually, the more gacha you play, the easier it is to level up and strengthen your character.

In Tower of Fantasy’s Battle Royal mode, you can compete with other players to be the last one standing and win prizes. You can go it alone in this battle royale mode if you’re confident. You may also invite guests to a gathering of four people.

With crews or groups, you and your friends can also create communities. Before joining a crew, one of the features you see is the leaderboard. Prior to joining, you will discover there which crews are still active and of high quality.

In Crew, you can trade Crew Points for various items and weapons. The only way to earn these points is by completing the crew’s daily or weekly tasks and slaying monsters with your coworkers.

Tools that facilitate your travel

The world of Tower of Fantasy contains numerous foes and treasures. Incredible cliffs and oceans that can be traversed quickly. There are devices available to make your journey easier if you have difficulty overcoming these obstacles.

Keep in mind that obtaining certain devices requires reaching a certain level. The first item provided is a jetpack that enables the user to fly high and reach certain rocks. This waterboard allows you to quickly cross the ocean and reach a new city without having to swim.

You also receive a motorcycle that can expedite travel between cities. Walking requires a great deal of time and effort.

This vehicle can be traded for anything you have. At the start of this game’s release, you will receive a vehicle in the form of a blue box with a very specific number. Other examples include robots, flying automobiles, horses, ostriches, and others. Wow, you can collect items here!

Equally fascinating is a weapon that can aid you in combat, namely the rocket launcher. This rocket launcher will aid you in defeating existing foes by inflicting significant damage on them. If you’re having trouble defeating enemies, you can acquire these items at the beginning of the game.

A poor recording

Voice acting makes the game more enjoyable to play because we can listen without having to read subtitles. Multiple portions of this game feature audio-based conversations between characters. However, occasionally silent characters will make noises while speaking. You can experience this event at the beginning of the game, specifically when Franz is conversing with Archon Elric in the new area Above the Clouds. The voices of these two characters and our character can be heard at the beginning of the conversation, but in the middle of the conversation only Franz’s voice is audible. Elric’s character voice remains, and it sounds like Elric is dying. speaking to oneself

I’m unsure whether this is a bug or not, but it still occurs in certain conversations. To date, however, the English and Japanese dubs have been effective and well-suited to the characters. Another irritating aspect of this dialogue is that the character’s mouth does not move. Only one character in a face-to-face conversation has his mouth open. When speaking to more than three people, only the characters’ bodies move and not their mouths.

There remain numerous bugs.

Bugs are undoubtedly present in every game. Several bugs in this game cause it to be relatively sluggish and even necessitate re-logging in.

On a building or wall is a bug that may be trivial. When you are stuck, you cannot proceed. You cannot even if you dash, jump, or use devices. Accordingly, this game features an unstuck button that respawns you in a safer location.

There is also a humorous bug in which, when you switch channels, your character suddenly becomes much larger than the other players’. Asmongold, the streamer, feels this. Was this intentional or a bug the first time he realized that other people’s characters were really good? as he stated.

Worse, there is a bug that requires you to relogin, specifically a bug that is stuck in dialogue. During the dialogue, you cannot press any button, regardless of whether it is unstuck or not. This bug can only be fixed by logging in again. The risk is that the quest must be repeated based on the previous checkpoint.


Tower of Fantasy is the ideal package for anyone who enjoys war and adventure. Perhaps we’ll feel more at home in the game once the bugs have been fixed. As a result, developers frequently release patches and updates. When you begin playing, you should frequently download new patches.

This game is accessible for free on all Android, Windows, and iOS versions. You can download the PC version of this game from the official website. There is a Tower of Fantasy game on the Steam store if you’re willing to wait, but it hasn’t been released yet and you’ll have to wait for an undetermined amount of time.

A review of this Tower of Fantasy game would be appreciated. Is this game truly a rival to Genshin Impact? Include your opinion and don’t forget to follow KendaJaya for all game-related information.

Tower of Fantasy: Tower of Fantasy is the ideal package for anyone who enjoys war and adventure. Perhaps we'll feel more at home in the game once the bugs have been fixed. As a result, developers frequently release patches and updates. When you begin playing, you should frequently download new patches. kendajaya

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