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Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena game based on the excellent Pokemon series. The game was released for the Nintendo Switch console on July 21, 2021. It was created by TiMi Studio and Pokemon Company.

After its first release on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Unite came out again on Android and iOS. Since September 21, this game can be downloaded and played on any devices.

As one of the most popular video game franchises, Pokemon Unite begs the question, “Is the MOBA genre the best fit for a Pokemon game?”

In addition, Pokemon is frequently viewed as a franchise that prioritizes gameplay as a service and the fanbase as the market. No wonder the primary question is “Is Pokemon Unite designed for Pokemon or MOBA fans?”

Below is a brief summary of Pokemon Unite that should answer many of the questions raised previously.

Pokemon Unite evaluation

Unique MOBA theme!

The MOBA concept that Pokemon Unite attempts to achieve is quite novel. In the five-versus-five concept, two teams compete in the battle arena to score as many points as possible.

Both teams must collect pokeballs by killing monsters strewn about the arena in order to score points. You can also acquire Pokéballs by killing Pokémon that drop them. Once you have collected the Pokeballs, you simply need to place them through a basketball-style hoop in the target area. Each pokeball successfully placed within the objective area is converted into a point. The winner is the team with the most points after 10 minutes.

With this MOBA theme, players will be able to sense the progression of each game, thereby making each minute significant. As early as the first minute, players compete for every monster in the arena. Similarly, each team has a plan to dominate the battle and reach the Poké Ball objective. The fact that the MOBA concept is not as popular as other mobile MOBA games gives this game its own unique appeal.

Pokemon power equilibrium

As a new game, Pokemon Unite as a multiplayer online battle arena has a significant issue with power balance, namely the power balance of each Pokemon.

As of the writing of this review, Pokemon Unite featured 24 playable Pokemon, ranging from to Snorlax. Each Pokemon is available for purchase with Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. Unfortunately, not all Pokémon are equally powerful. There are numerous superior Pokemon, including , Lucario, and Talonflame.

Due to the intensely competitive nature of this game, the combat feels extremely unfair. Undoubtedly, you will be bewildered when confronting an overpowered Pokemon that can eliminate your Pokemon in an instant.

Given that online games continue to function, there is still room for developers to solve this issue. The strengths of each Pokemon can be balanced through buffs and debuffs. Consequently, the element of competition is maintained throughout the conflict.

Build Skill-Tree, Pokemon Unify Interesting Features

In most MOBA games, each hero or character has an unchangeable skill set. The players will be challenged to determine the optimal combination and pattern for utilizing each hero’s skill set.

Similar to other MOBA games, each Pokemon in this game has skill 1, skill 2, and the Unite Move ability (for example, the ultimate skill in other MOBA games). Players can choose unique variations of skill 1 and skill 2 for every Pokemon. Thus, the skills of each Pokemon are not permanent and can be chosen based on the situation.

For instance, if a player employs Venusaur, he or she can choose between Sludge Bomb and Giga Drain for skill 1. Then, players can choose between Solar Beam and Petal Dance for their second skill. However, Unite Moves lack variety, as only one Unite Move exists for each Pokémon.

Features, such as the skill-tree feature in MMORPGs, determine skills 1 and 2. This feature enables players to determine which skills are best suited for the current problem situation. Because every match in the MOBA game determines a unique circumstance.

The implementation of this system distinguishes Pokemon Unite from other multiplayer online battle arenas. The game becomes more difficult because you cannot predict the abilities of your opponent’s Pokemon.
Controls that Still Require Development.

On mobile platforms, game control is crucial, particularly for competitive games like MOBAs. MOBA games on mobile platforms frequently employ the Mirrored Map system, which positions your base in the bottom-left corner at all times.

Previously, with the Mirrored Map system, the orientation of the Hero’s position was always bottom-left. Due to the increased smartphone space in the upper-right corner, players can now direct their skills more effectively.

The system was articulated in a manner that facilitated the players’ control. If you don’t believe it, you can compare which mobile MOBA game, such as Mobile Legends or Wild Rifts, makes it easier to direct skills up or down.

The controls of Pokemon Unite are not optimal for mobile platforms. With a landscape map system that utilizes two vertical lanes at the top and bottom, players are certain to encounter relatively complex control adjustments, particularly when playing on the top lane. Particularly if you are familiar with MOBA games in general.

When playing, it is inevitable that you will frequently direct skills downwards, which forces players to slide their finger down the smartphone screen, where the space is much smaller compared to the area above the skill button.

In addition, Pokemon Unite features a control pad for inactive character convoys. Therefore, your finger must be precisely in the middle of the button for more comfortable use.

A responsive control-pad is one that can be used to automatically adjust finger pressure on the display. So long as it is in the correct location, the control pad will adjust the pressure point, allowing the player to press buttons more easily and intuitively.

MOBA without a damage mechanism

In general, MOBA games utilize items as crucial performance indicators. Players who have expensive late-game items tend to have formidablely powerful character attributes.

Similar to MOBAs, Pokemon Unite does not feature a purchaseable item system. Shoe Items, Blade of Despair, and Immortality are familiar to Mobile Legends players. These items are available for purchase with gold in the game. Interestingly, the game lacks a corresponding item system. Pokemon Unite will instead implement a hero item system. This system is comparable to the Emblem and Rune systems in Mobile Legends and Wild Rift, respectively.

Each playable Pokemon is able to utilize three of its items. Each item a player possesses can have a variety of combat effects, ranging from an increase in base attack to an increase in critical attack. Eventually, these items can also be enhanced with booster items. The greater the effect achieved in combat, the higher the item’s level. No wonder hero items are such a crucial factor in enhancing Pokemon performance.


As a MOBA, Pokemon Unite still has a number of flaws, including control and character balance.

However, Pokemon Unite deserves praise for having the audacity to create an original MOBA game design that is accessible to average players. Even if they weren’t too familiar with the previous MOBA genre, it’s no surprise that Pokemon franchise fans will be extremely pleased with Pokemon Unite.

What are your thoughts on the above Pokemon Unite review? Do you concur or have something to add? Comment your thoughts in the comments section. Additionally, follow the mobile game review on Kendajaya.

Pokemon Unite: As a MOBA, Pokemon Unite still has a number of flaws, including control and character balance. However, Pokemon Unite deserves praise for having the audacity to create an original MOBA game design that is accessible to average players. Even if they weren't too familiar with the previous MOBA genre, it's no surprise that Pokemon franchise fans will be extremely pleased with Pokemon Unite. kendajaya

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