Review of Sonic Frontiers: A Refreshing New Evolution!

This is a very special week with the release of several massive games, one of which is , which we have also played in the last few weeks. Even though some fans and gamers still have doubts, especially given how inconsistent Sonic 3D games have been in the past, we can confirm that Sonic Frontiers has done its idea justice and deserves to be ranked among the best games in the franchise.

Obviously, we have given careful consideration to these claims after a thorough examination of the game, as there are still some flaws that can be discovered and may prove to be more irritating to some fans. What sort of quality does the game possess? merely observe the review until it expires.

Interesting storyline

This new series centers around Sonic, Tails, and Amy’s journey to a new island. After a surge of energy left them stranded in a mysterious location, the journey, which had initially seemed normal, changed abruptly. Sonic, upon awakening, discovers that his friends have vanished, but he soon discovers them in a ghost-like state with translucent bodies. Sonic must, as usual, assume responsibility for rescuing his friends and finding a way to escape this strange world inhabited by a group of Coco stone creatures.

In the meantime, he is being followed and hunted by a new antagonist named Sage, who appears to be working for Dr. Eggman, who helped transform the island into its bizarre state. The mystery surrounding Sage, Coco, and the island where Sonic was stranded is a significant aspect of the plot, which gradually reveals itself as the narrative progresses. At the conclusion of each primary mission, you are presented with significant cutscenes. Initially, the presentation is quite minimal, but as time progresses, you will become increasingly intrigued as new mysteries are revealed.

Each of Sonic’s companions appears in one of the game’s five semi-open world zones / maps. Even if you don’t see them as a team in the majority of the games, each character has well-executed story moments with Sonic. Fans who believe they are only interested in one personality trait will find the characters more engaging this time. Tails, Sonic’s best friend, wants to be a better person. Overall, we adored how each character was portrayed in this series, which may sway fans who have always disliked some of them.

Sage, the new character, cannot be described in great detail due to major spoilers, but it is clear that he is a villain with a relatable / understandable side. We are confident that by the end of the game, he will have won the hearts of many new fans. Probably the one we regret the most is the quality of the voice acting. The voices of Tails, Eggman, Sage, and Knuckles are all quite good, but Amy’s voice sounded too stiff, and Sonic was too heavy compared to previous voice actors. As the game progressed, we did become more accustomed to Sonic’s voice, but that foreign and inappropriate impression remained.

“Open Zone” Design

There are five main zones to explore in the game, each with a unique design and a number of obstacles typical of the Sonic series, such as boost pads and grind rails. Sonic Frontiers is, at its core, a collect-a-thon game similar to Mario Odyssey and Banjo Kazooie. You must collect Gear to unlock the ‘Cyberspace’ stage, which is similar to the Sonic series’ traditional level design but features a more colorful world and hard rock music. These levels may be 3D or 2D, and if you complete them successfully, you will receive a key to unlock the Chaos Emerald, which is essential to the progression of the main story. You must also locate memory tokens for Sonic’s friends on each of his islands in order to advance the plot.

Additionally, there are items that can improve your stats. Collecting and delivering these red and blue fruits to Elder Coco will boost Sonic’s attack and defense. You can collect Coco throughout the open world and then return him to the Elder to increase the maximum number of Rings you can obtain and your movement speed. Due to the fact that enemies in the beginning of the game can be quite formidable, both in terms of Sonic’s defense and attack power, you should prioritize attack statistics when leveling up.

All items (with the exception of Coco) can be found by removing various obstructions from the main zone, by searching underground, or by looting defeated foes (although they are so rare that you will likely get them quicker by completing Cyberspace levels). Obviously, it wouldn’t be complete without a fishing minigame, and Sonic Frontiers provides one through direct interaction with Big the Cat.

This game permits the use of any method or creative strategy to acquire items at any time. This automatically makes adventures along large zones more exciting, as you will always find something rewarding in a variety of locations, all while running at high speed and performing a variety of acrobatic maneuvers that are designed to flow with the level design.

Greatest Combat in the Series

This section is where Sonic Frontiers shines brightest. The most problematic aspect of all of Sonic’s previous games, including Adventures and Unleashed, was the controls and hit detection on enemies. Sonic feels very slick in these games, causing him to lose control easily when walking or jumping at normal speed. Despite initial concern, this is no longer a problem, which is a relief. So Sonic Frontiers has two gameplay modes, one that adheres to the speed of the classic Sonic series and one that is slightly slower (though Sonic can still move quickly), but the characters feel more solid. We then selected the second mode, which made Sonic easier to control.

You can press X to jump and SQUARE to launch Sonic directly at enemies with a homing attack. By repeatedly pressing SQUARE, he can launch a series of short attack combos in which he punches and kicks enemies. As in previous games, Sonic can collect rings, but he will immediately drop them when he is struck, and he will die if he is struck again in a position with no rings. However, when you are hit, you do not lose all of your rings, only a portion of them, allowing Sonic to survive by withstanding more than one enemy attack in positions without rings. A normal decision for us, especially considering the game’s increased emphasis on combat and the enemies’ more complex movesets.

Additionally, Sonic has several new moves that can be mastered via a small skill tree. This includes advanced combo abilities that allow him to execute some extremely cool moves, as well as practical abilities such as Cyloop. This involves running around enemies to create deadly circles that launch them into the air and kill them. Cyloop is also essential for discovering hidden objects. Sonic can also dodge by pressing R1 and L1 and parrying and releasing enemy attacks at the appropriate time. For the latter, it is particularly crucial to defeat the boss.

Overall, the combat design in this Sonic game is unparalleled. When exploring and fighting, he was considerably easier to control. Exploring the world and defeating foes grants you greater freedom of experimentation due to the number of new abilities you obtain and their combinability. From this, we can also deduce that it is a natural progression of Sonic’s gameplay, namely the incorporation of speed and physics-based platforming into an open-world setting.

From Boss Fights to Mini-Games

Certain story points in the game that require you to play brief minigames were incredibly frustrating for us. Beginning with herding a pack of Coco like sheepdogs and progressing to gathering additional computer components. At best, it can be a mild diversion that is mildly entertaining, but at worst, it can be quite irritating to complete due to the difficult controls and short time limit. Therefore, we believe it serves no purpose to be forced to exist solely to advance the plot.

At the conclusion of each zone is a challenging boss fight. Again, we cannot discuss them in this section due to spoilers, but suffice it to say that they give it a Shadow of the Colossus-like aura that makes it feel majestic and awe-inspiring, and it’s quite enjoyable to fight against. There are also numerous minor bosses that are dispersed throughout the world and require Sonic to use different techniques to defeat them; the game essentially teaches the player how to use each of Sonic’s abilities independently.

Few Extra Cons

Also, there are a few minor issues with the game that we did not find too problematic, but other players may disagree. Consequently, the framerate in the width zone remains normal. Okay, we discovered that there were numerous visitors. Specifically when running quickly, a previously invisible obstacle in the sky will suddenly become visible. This can be a problem for the gameplay, as it is easy to get lost and having parts of the level appear out of nowhere can be annoying.

Additionally, this game has a lengthy loading time between stage transitions. It is not always lengthy, but long enough to make you wait until you reach a small tutorial stage. At least we can appreciate how SEGA gives you something to do during the loading screen this time around, but we still want everything to move as quickly as Sonic, especially since we can play the game on PlayStation 5, which has the best SSD performance at the moment.


From initial apprehension to actual gameplay, it is evident that Sonic Frontiers is a new of the Sonic franchise that is quite successful. Sonic et alsemi-open-world .’s setting allows for greater freedom in high-speed exploration, combat, and other activities, all of which are wrapped up in an engaging story.

Although there are some issues with loading times and the quality of the voice acting, this does not undermine the game’s core quality, which is what we care about the most. We ultimately hope that Sonic Team can maintain this semi-open-world gameplay style, as the concept they’ve developed throughout this series has proven to be very suitable, especially in terms of balancing a gameplay style that emphasizes speed and freedom. Obviously, it will be very intriguing to see what they can accomplish in the future if this concept becomes the new standard.

Tomorrow, November 8, Sonic Frontiers will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Read another games review at kendajaya.

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