[Review] My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge Video Game Mobile by DeadToast Entertainment

The game My Friend Pedro: is distinct, straightforward, and entertaining.

Have you ever heard of the 2019 hit independent video game My Friend Pedro? This extremely popular PC-only side-scrolling game was displayed at PAX West 2018 and was only released on the PC platform.

Due to the game’s immense popularity, it has been ported to multiple other gaming platforms. This game, developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by DevolverDigital, features excellent action that is well worth your time. You assist the main character Pedro in rescuing his kidnapped children and wife, just as in the film.

So, can you find this game to be engaging and worthwhile? To respond, please consider the following analysis, OK!

Extremely basic controls and mechanics

My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge retains the side-scrolling gameplay style of the original game, albeit with visual adjustments for the platform.

It should be noted that this game’s control scheme differs from the PC version. On the mobile platform, the game’s setup is very simple. Players must only adjust the direction of their throw, jump, and shot.

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In addition to allowing for control customization, this game mechanism is compatible with mobile smartphones. One of the game’s most distinctive mechanics is the focus-enabling automechanic. Each player decides whether to jump or fire, after which the focus is activated automatically.

These mechanical adjustments make My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge much simpler and easier to play while retaining its enjoyable nature.

Design and Levels of Difficulty

Despite having simple controls and gameplay mechanics, My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge offers a challenging level of difficulty. Depending on which level you’re playing, the design of side-scrolling games changes. The more level layouts provided, the more game elements are added, and the more complicated the game becomes. In addition, the level design incorporates numerous obstacles that are extremely challenging to overcome.

Trailer My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Changing the level layout with each level increase is a perfectly reasonable way to increase the game’s difficulty. The gameplay design of My Friend Pedro is quite reasonable.

There will not be a significant increase in difficulty between levels. My Friend Pedro’s moderate difficulty makes it a casual game that won’t bother you if you fail a stage multiple times.

The star system is the only aspect of the level’s design that is subpar. When a player reaches a certain point in a level, stars are awarded. Killing foes can earn you points that can be maximized with combos.

This star system is actually useless, as it offers no progression benefits. Moreover, this star system’s accessibility is somewhat unsatisfactory. Satisfying battle system!

In My Friend Pedro: In Ripe For Revenge, you assume the role of a murderer and use a variety of weapons to eliminate your enemies. Similar to the original, this mobile version has a unique killing style.

You have the option of killing enemies one by one or all at once. There are numerous options. You can defeat your foes by jumping, rolling, or simply standing. Using every aspect of the game to your advantage, you can kill your enemies however you see fit, from exploding gasoline to bullets ricocheting off of pots to pursuing enemies on motorcycles.

The author enjoys killing enemies with available skateboards the most. The reason for this is that players can not only perform freestyle maneuvers on skateboards, but also shoot every enemy that appears.

Ideal game show

My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is an excellent novel. The visual differences between the original version (PC) and the smartphone could be quite striking. The graphics of the mobile version are not as good as those of the PC version, but they do not disappoint.

This game’s mobile version features cartoonish visuals with pastel color contrasts. This graphical presentation is not only appropriate for casual game styles, but also quite distinctive in comparison to the barbarian game styles from the film John Wick.

In addition to its visual presentation, this game features background music that effectively complements each action. With fast music, players experience the adrenaline of the action’s difficulty. Aside from that, this game also features decent gunshot, broken glass, and explosion sound effects. My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is capable of providing an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience, which is not at all surprising.

Excellent playing time limited

The only disadvantage of My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is its extremely brief play time. Only after completing 36 steps can it be completed.

In the final phase, your mission is deemed accomplished, as you have saved Pedro’s child, adopted son, and wife. The author discovered that playing time is minimal. The entirety of the game can be completed within four to five hours.

After completing the objectives, the player has the option to replay the level to earn additional stars. However, as stated previously, the performance is somewhat repetitive and underwhelming.

The mobile version of My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is simple, humorous, and distinct; however, the game can still be enjoyed in the same manner as the original.

The full version of My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge costs $5, which is a pretty reasonable price for such a good game.

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