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is one of the game developers who work diligently to produce excellent games. At the end of August 2021, a new title titled Marvel Future Revolution was released. When I first heard the name, I thought of a MOBA-style title.

This game is significantly different and easier to play and practice. Marvel Future Revolution has a lot of features that set it apart from most other MMORPGs, in addition to its fun gameplay. In actuality, there must be some disadvantages that may or may not be significant.

The problem, in our view, is that the fun of this game depends on how the players look at it. It might be boring at first, but after about three weeks of playing, the author found that he couldn’t stop. Let’s immediately dive into the Marvel Future Revolution reviews!

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Review Marvel Future Revolution

Not every Avengers character is usable.

Eight Avengers characters are featured in Marvel Future Revolution. Obviously, each character in Marvel films and comics has strengths that correspond to their abilities. However, there are no iconic characters available for use in this game.

, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Spider-Man, Captain America, Storm, and Captain Marvel are the eight characters. It is unfortunate that this game lacks at least Thor or Hulk characters. Although the author considered using one of them during gameplay immediately.

However, eight unique character histories are introduced without compromising the multiplayer concept. The issue is that the existence of the background was initially unknown until it was delivered to the OMEGA headquarters. After that, you will engage in typical MMORPG missions by conversing with NPCs and completing objectives.

We continue to hope that this major update will add more playable characters. The problem is that eight of the displayed characters are still missing. Not bad by any means! Nonetheless, when not everyone is on board, something is lost.

Not every character has a distinct objective.

Those who have extensive experience with MMORPGs must be familiar with the job system. This determines your game strategy. However, it appears that Netmarble does not prioritize this system and instead prioritizes Marvel characters. The issue is that their rating does not appear.

spider-man swings into action

For instance, is Iron Man a fighter, and is Black Widow a murderer? No, because each character has their own abilities and roles in the game can be identical. All of them have the effects of burst damage, stun, and durability. It depends on the character’s build in the game.

This profession is typically only utilized in dungeons. Such as in Ragnarok X: The Next Generation. There are clerics who can heal, knights who act as tanking units, and assassins and hunters who deal damage. This technical information will therefore not be presented in Marvel Future Revolution.

Yes, everything overlaps if the party wishes to complete a Blitz (a type of dungeon) or a special mission. Who causes the most damage is the most apparent. Nothing will aid in your recovery or progression. So be prudent so that the used characters do not perish.

This is a negative for Marvel Future Revolution, in our opinion. If there is only one job system, the game will be more organized because it will be able to adjust the party composition. For instance, Strom becomes a mage, and Captain America transforms into a tanker. Sadly, this division of labor also makes character development more engaging.

An ordinary game, but not boring

It is surprising why that would be the case, perhaps due to the game’s recognizable protagonist. The issue is that in games with automatic action, it will undoubtedly be monotonous, as all you have to do is click here and there, after which the character will move to the NPC and perform its own actions.

Surprisingly, the authors did not find the gameplay tedious, despite the fact that it is exactly that. Each mission consists of eliminating a set number of monsters. There are also missions requiring the search for hidden objects, but thanks to the automatic mode, they will be discovered. Only after completing Blitz, Special Mission, and Omega War will you unlock the most difficult mission.

Therefore, we award you bonus points for the Omega War. More than fifty players are gathered in the combat arena, where the issue lies. Here, the players divide into two camps and engage in combat. If you have previously played Rising Force, this mode will feel similar to a guild war. This mode’s participants are selected at random and are not required to belong to the same guild or alliance.

This massacre occurred during a specific time frame. In this mode, we must find and collect as many points as possible. Then, weekly points are accumulated and in-game rewards are granted. Overall, this game’s gameplay is quite average. However, there are a number of dull aspects to Marvel Future Revolution. If the previously described modes are ineffective, it appears that not even the writers will play Marvel Future Revolution for long.

Not for phones with low specifications

Do not anticipate being able to play Marvel Future Revolution on any mobile device. However, not all specifications support the download of this game. Aside from that, a high-quality device is required to play this game. When playing this game, it is necessary to pay attention to multiple factors.

Upon entering the game, we immediately adjusted the graphics settings to the proper level. Obviously, this optimization affects your smartphone as well. Initially, it is evident that the battery is leaking badly. During 15 minutes of play, the temperature can reach 20 to 30 degrees, and of course, it rises rapidly. Nevertheless, the benefits are no joke. The costume details in this game’s map are greatly appreciated. When the graphics settings are set to maximum, there is a minor effect, but it plays an essential role in the game. For instance, a gust of wind after casting a skill or a roadblock that can be eliminated by an attack.

Obviously, turning off the graphics removes the coolness from Marvel Future Revolution. When the graph is set to low, we sense that tau is obstructing it. It is somewhat distracting due to the absence of costumes and clever details, despite the fact that it is not excessively bulky.

So far, we’ve discovered that the optimal graphics settings maintain high-quality graphics at average frame rates. Without exaggeration, the depiction of combat or character movement is excellent.

Thermal management is generally very important. Do not use excessively high settings, as this will negatively affect the graphics. We utilize low settings for this feature on purpose in order to maximize graphics.

Those of you who enjoy playing this game can customize their device using the settings. Do not exert excessive force on the device, as a hot phone is more likely to negatively impact the battery. Instead of playing good games on a broken smartphone, it is preferable to optimize the device specifications so that you can still experience the game without damaging the smartphone.

Both F2P and P2W are worth playing!

We immediately recognized that this game was all about winning. However, this game can be rigged so that your character remains more powerful than those of paid players. The acquisition of a four- or five-star Omega card or outfit is simple. Gacha does not require a large number of crystals to create.

If you have a little patience, you will receive a daily reward of crystals. You can gacha for Omega cards and outfits up to two times. In addition, character development can be accomplished by improving the team’s standing. There are multiple ways to implement this feature, but the most important aspect is preserving daily and side quests.

This game’s power disparity has a significant impact. Even if you’re not paying to win, it’s not unheard of to discuss your strengths with other players, in our experience. The difference between the two scores is only 10,000 points. Even though you have different points in Marvel Future Revolution, you can still win duels. The most influential factors are smart ability and the Omega card combination.

Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, you’ll love Marvel Future Revolution because of its presentation and graphics. Even if you are willing to devote yourself to it, this game is still worth your time. Despite this, it is still quite difficult to form a guild or alliance, as the majority of players continue to play to their hearts’ content. What is your opinion? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Follow us so you don’t miss the most recent news about other games.

Marvel Future Revolution : We immediately recognized that this game was all about winning. However, this game can be rigged so that your character remains more powerful than those of paid players. The acquisition of a four- or five-star Omega card or outfit is simple. Gacha does not require a large number of crystals to create. kendajaya

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